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Welcome to your one stop resource for information about dogs. If you love dogs as much as I do you will enjoy my blog.

The 9 dogs pictured above are my current recuses and the loves of my life! I have spent over 20 years rescuing, fostering, transporting and helping dogs. My pockets may be empty but my heart is full. This is my life’s purpose.

Many dogs have lived in my home, too many to name them all. Some of them were here for a brief pit stop into rescue, others were fostered until that perfect family was found, and some are here forever.

There are just too many homeless animals in this world being euthanized for no reason. Get involved, there are many different ways you can help. Donate, share, sponsor, rescue, foster, transport, adopt, save a life, your heart will thank you!

I would like to thank the current wonderful rescues who have given me the ability to fulfill my purpose.

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  1. You have a heart of gold Lea! Those dogs look so adorable! I would love to welcome a dog to my growing family one day.

    1. Thanks so much for reading. I really do hope you bring a dog into your family some day 🙂 Your family will truly learn the meaning of unconditional love ❤️

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