Shelter Spotlight: Still Waiting?

Today I am sharing beautiful Hennessy with all of you yet again. She is still waiting for her special someone/family to come along and rescue her. Every dog deserves to be loved, it’s so difficult to understand why no one has stepped up for Hennessy. Why she gets consistently passed over. It breaks my heart to know that her life might end in this shelter.

Why is she still waiting? Maybe everyone thinks “someone else will take her?” Maybe because she’s not on death row? Maybe people believe she’s “safe ” with the luxury of time. Sadly, this isn’t true, we never know when one’s time is up.

I have watched too many dogs leave this earth never knowing what it’s like to belong to someone and I refuse to allow that to be her fate. She is a girl too full of life to be cooped up in cage.

I first introduced you all to Hennessy in my post “Shelter Spotlight: The Forgotten Ones”. In case you missed it, you can read about her and all the other beautiful forgotten souls in the Long Island, NY Shelters at this link :

Hennessy is a beautiful brindle Boxer mix and is approximately 5-6 years old. She loves walks and playing with her squeaky toys. She’s is known to be such a fun little girl! Hennessy needs to be your one and only, queen of the castle. No dogs, cats or kids.

I know that needing to be an only pet makes it much more difficult to find a home, but I also have faith that there is a home that meets Hennessey’s criteria.

So here I am dear family, friends, readers, and followers, asking you to help me help get Hennessey noticed! We can surely help and make a difference in Hennessy’s life.

PLEASE like her Facebook page, share this post, network, spread the word! Together we can help find Hennessy her forever family, and we need to do it quickly!

Consider fostering or adopting, you’ll be saving her life! Help me help Hennessy get out of the shelter and in to a loving home where she can live the life she really deserves.

Smithtown Animal Shelter

410 E Main St

Smithtown, New York

(631) 360-7575

Shelter Spotlight: Forgotten Soul 

Suede is another heartbroken, forgotten soul sitting in the Babylon Shelter kennel way too long. This handsome, 3-year-old, pointy eared, pit-mix is very affectionate. He is looking for someone to love him and he will return the love a million times more.

He walks well on a leash, is very athletic, knows all his basic commands and is eager to please. He loves treats and will even put his paw right in your hand for a yummy treat. Suede LOVES playing fetch and brings the ball or rope back every time! He also loves to catch toys when they are thrown in the air, he’d make a great frisbee partner!

Suede would do best with an active partner/family. Someone that will take him running or swimming, would be a great match, he loves the pool! Suede forms strong bonds with people, and will make someone a very lucky pet parent. He also loves kisses, belly rubs and cuddling by your feet.

Suede would do best as an only pet, however it is possible he would may well with a submissive/friendly female. A meet and greet would be required to make sure it’s a good fit.

Head over to Suedes Facebook page, like and share with everyone you know! Help me help Suede find his forever family! If you or anyone you know is interested or has further questions, please private message his Facebook page or contact the shelter.


51 Lamar Street

West Babylon, New York

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: I See You With My Heart

Just take a good look at this handsome boy Adam West! Adam is a chunk of a hunk 6 year old Pitbull Terrier, who needs some special love for his special needs. You’d never even know this good looking boy is blind by his actions as he learns his surrounding very quickly and has an amazing ability to adjust. Sadly, he has still been sitting in the shelter since September of 2016.

Adam is a very well mannered boy, who is cordial to everyone he meets. His sense of smell and hearing are heightened due to his being blind, and it helps him to cope with his surroundings. You would be amazed to see how he gets around without bumping into things.

How can it be that not one single person has stepped forward for this boy? I can only imagine what he must be thinking and feeling. Being blind only compounds his loneliness in a shelter kennel for so many hours a day, which breaks my heart twice as much.

When Adam first arrived at the shelter, he came in with a skin condition that looked like he was a dog that spent extended time outside. This poor boy is also currently under treatment for food allergies, and is doing really well with limited ingredient dog food. Adam also enjoys apple and carrot slices as his treats, he’s definitely a great buddy to have for a healthy snack!

Adam loves to play with big soft squishy types of toys, and it’s fun to watch him enjoy playing with them! You would think being blind in a noisy kennel would make things worse for him, but Adam is very calm and seems to take stress in stride.

This handsome boy shows the appreciation of any attention that you give him, and he will continue to grow with that as he acclimates and bonds with his forever family. Could you be his hero? Adam deserves a home to call his own where he can enjoy the upcoming Holidays in a quite loving environment. Adam loves everyone including children, and gets along well with other large dogs.

I ask that you please help me help Adam. We need to get his out of the busy noisy shelter and into a loving home now! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, if you or someone you know are interested head down or contact the shelter immediately! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not in a position to adopt or foster, PLEASE SHARE! Like and share his Facebook page, like and share this post too. It will take a second of your time and will have a huge impact and change Adams life!

Babylon Animal Shelter

51 Lamar St.

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: Searching For His Real Family

Check out this handsome boy, Tyson; He sure is a looker with his cute speckled nose!

This pup was surrendered to the Babylon Animal Shelter in September 2016 by his temporary caretaker after a family member left him and didn’t bother to come back. Can you even begin to imagine what that feels like? To me it is unbelievable that someone can leave a family member behind. Honestly, I am stunned every time I hear/read a story like this. My pups, the rescue pups, the foster pups, they are all family to me so I can’t wrap my head around that people are so readily capable of leaving or dumping a family member.

Tyson is a 4 year old Pitbull Terrier and is very strong. When walked, he requires a special harness, and positive reinforcement training so he stays at your side otherwise he pulls you along. At his old home Tyson lived outside in a doghouse so he will require time to adjust to homelife having always been outside. Patience and consistency are key, so he will require a savvy owner who can give him the time, training and attention he needs. He was also surrendered with a female dog together, and has shown to be protective of her, so a meet and greet would be required if you have another dog/dogs.

Tyson knows his basic commands, but has shown that he gets bored easily and then choses to dig in the yard. Although Terrier breeds are known to often be diggers, this also means they need more activity to keep them busy. It is best for Tyson to go to a home where he will receive the mental and physical stimulation required to keep him busy and happy. He has also shown some sensitivity to fireworks which can be a scary thing to many dogs.

Tyson has been described as a very sweet boy, but requires reassurance that he’s a good boy. He did live around children ranging from 4-18 years of age, and his behavior was described as friendly, playful, and tolerant.

Please help me share and network this handsome boy. Let’s get him out of the shelter and into a home so he can feel love from a real true family. He really deserves a chance, won’t you please help me help him by finding his special someone/family?

Head down to the shelter and meet this boy and get ready to fall in love. If you or anyone you know would like further information about Tyson, please contact the shelter.

Babylon Animal Shelter

51 Lamar St.

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: Searching For Her Special Someone

Today I want to introduce you all to beautiful Lindsy, a large Pitbull Retriever Mix, about 5-6 years old, and has been living at the Babylon Animal Shelter since May of 2016. She’s such a wonderful dog that it’s hard to believe she is still waiting for her special someone/family to come along.

People seem to be under the impression that just because a dog is in a No Kill Shelter or in a boarding facility, it means they are safe. To some people this means there is no urgency in helping the dog. These dogs are barely even shared simply because their lives aren’t at risk, but I’m here to tell you that this is not true!

Although these dogs are loved and well taken care of by volunteers, a kennel is not a place for them to live out their lives. Dogs in kennels deteriorate, are stressed, can be depressed, and become withdrawn; these reasons alone put their lives at risk. Additionally, they can be more difficult to acclimate to home life after being in the kennel for a while, because they get used to kennel life thinking this is what life is.

We are a very important component in making these dogs unforgettable, in helping to get them noticed! I understand not everyone may be in a position to adopt, but if you can’t adopt, maybe you can foster. Fostering is a way to get the dog out of a shelter, into a home environment so they can learn how to live there and is a shorter term commitment for you. If you can’t foster, then maybe you can volunteer or share, SHARE like crazy! Sharing get the pups out there for all to see, near and far. It takes seconds out of your time to hit a share button! Sharing may seem like a small thing to do, but it gets big results!

Even here at Paws Give Me Purpose you can read of forgotten shelter dog that have been adopted since we have begun our Shelter Spotlight Series.

Sadly, this gorgeous girl is yet another forgotten soul who needs our help. She is very sweet, and has proven to be a great companion. She LOVES people and will want to be by your side wherever you are and will want to participate in whatever you’re doing.

Lindsy is a very low maintenance kind of girl! very obedient, knows her basic commands, and is even great at catching treats in the air. She would make a perfect furever friend for someone! She enjoys leisurely walks and is the type who would enjoy cuddling on the couch to watch TV with you.

Help me be Lindsy’s voice! Help me network her. Help me help her find a loving home where she can live the life she truly deserves. Share this post, network her. Together we can make a difference for Lindsy and every dog that sits in a shelter or boarding facility WAY too long.

Babylon Animal Shelter

51 Lamar St.

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: Searching For His Loving Home

Meet Tigger, a 4-year-old American Bulldog and Pitbull Terrier Mix. Most would describe Tigger as “pretty laid back” even though he came from a very upsetting past.

Tigger was surrendered by a family member from a family who has been keeping him as an outdoor dog, giving him only access to a dog house. Tigger has never felt the warmth and love of a real home and family. When I hear stories like this I truly wonder why people like this would even want a dog in the first place. Poor Tigger, like so many others, deserves so much better than what he has been given.

Tigger’s former family reports that he is friendly with children and accepting of strangers, but does not like cats. While Tigger did show a bit of food aggression during breakfast and dinner, he gets along with other dogs just fine. An owner who has time and patience is needed to work with Tigger on his food issue, especially if there are other dogs in the household.

Tigger is known to walk well on a leash, is very dedicated to his games of fetch, and had never attempted to escape the yard at his former home. He will however need to learn house manners since he has never had to learn them before. Patience, training and consistency will be key in making this boy the perfect furry family member.

Tigger deserves a chance at a real home and family to call his own! Won’t you please consider stepping up to help this handsome boy? At the very least, I ask that you share to help find that special someone who can make Tiggers dream come true. Help me help Tigger get noticed and into a loving home!

For more information about this terrific boy please stop by the shelter or reach out and contact them directly.

Babylon Animal Shelter

51 Lamar St.

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: She Has Tons Of Love To Give

This beautiful senior girl is still in search of her furever home! I am sharing her story once again with hopes and prayers that we reach that special someone waiting for Missy to fill their heart with a love like they have never felt before!

I first introduced you to Missy in our Featured Dog Friday Series right here on Paws Give Me Purpose not too long ago. Missy is a 7-8 years young pocket Pitbull. Missy loves big people and small, she also loves other dogs too! Missy has been at the shelter for over a year now and I have no idea why, to me this is just so heartbreaking. There’s no reason for her to sit in a shelter kennel when she should be out living life to the fullest, especially since she is so friendly.

When Missy gets really excited she lifts her lip, it’s the cutest thing. She is great on the leash, and is just a little ball of fun. She loves to play but also knows when to relax. Head down to the shelter and I guarantee you’ll fall in love.

You may be reluctant to adopt a senior dog because you fear that the time with your new best friend will be short, but know that the privilege of loving a senior dog makes every day more special; seniors have tons of love to give!

Please help me help Missy get out of the shelter and into a home where she can be loved and cherished like she should. Head over to her Facebook page, like, share, help me network this beautiful senior girl!


51 Lamar Street

West Babylon, New York

(631) 643-9270

Shelter Spotlight: Happy Tails

Paws Give Me Purpose would love to share a wonderful update! After 3 years and 9 months of waiting… Peaches, one of the many dogs I have featured in the Shelter Spotlight Series, has been ADOPTED!! Have a happy life beautiful girl!!

Please continue to help me network all of the other dogs I have/will share with you. Together, we can find homes for ALL of the beautiful souls that are still waiting!

Thank you all for caring, sharing, and helping make Peaches dream come true!

Shelter Spotlight: Nutmeg Deserves A Chance

Imagine spending almost your entire life in a cage, with nothing to see or do. All alone for 19 hours a day and eventually beginning to feel like there is nothing to hope for. That is sadly Nutmeg’s life.

This young, pocket pittie mix was found as a stray on the streets of Yonkers, NY. She is currently at the Yonkers Animal shelter. Nutmeg was dumped on the streets after having very recently had a litter of puppies; bred for profit and then thrown away. That was back in April of 2016.

Nutmeg arrived at the Yonkers Animal Shelter at about the age of 1, and that was 18 months ago. Life for her has gotten very stressful causing her to behave in negative ways that destroys any hope of adoption. This is kennel stress, and not all dogs can handle this type of life well. Nutmeg will need some training before she can be successfully adopted. Nutmeg needs leash manners, to work on her toy possessiveness and dog reactivity.

While Nutmeg is a beautiful athletic girl, super sweet and loves ear and butt scratches, living behind bars for so long has taken its toll on her. She has deteriorated in these past months and is very anxious and depressed. Training will provide boundaries, self confidence and rules; Nutmeg needs this in order to be someone’s furry family member some day.

The goal is to enroll Nutmeg in a board and train program to help her decompress and facilitate her adoption process as well as help her learn how to be the perfect well-mannered companion for her furever home.

Funds are close to nearly nothing, so we need to get her there. The shelter doesn’t believe Nutmeg ever had a real loving home or any person to belong to. They are committed to make her the best dog she can be, but that comes with lots of expenses, and help is desperately needed to start her journey!

Please encourage people to share, and donate if you are in a position to do so. Nutmeg deserves a chance! To donate:

Dear family, friends, readers, followers and supporters, you have helped save so many dogs, but sadly, there are always more. So please, give what you can, when you can, and just know your money is working hard to give grateful dogs a way out of the cage and into the arms of a loving family!

If you have any questions or are interested in more information about Nutmeg please visit or reach out to the shelter.

Yonkers Animal Shelter

1000 Ridge Hill Blvd

Yonkers, NY


Shelter Spotlight: Happy Tails

Paws Give Me Purpose would love to share another wonderful update! Polly Anna one of the many dogs I have featured in the Shelter Spotlight Series, has been ADOPTED!! Have a happy life sweet girl!

Please continue to help me network all of the other dogs I have/will share with you. Together, we can find homes for ALL of the beautiful souls that are still waiting!

Thank you all for caring, sharing, and helping make Polly Anna’s dream come true!