Petnc Calming Aid

Many people have dogs that suffer from some form of fear based anxiety; separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms and fireworks, etc. We have a couple dogs here that were in dire need of something to relax them, especially during thunderstorms.

Here at Paws Give Me Purpose we prefer to go the natural route before the prescription medication route since this can cause side effects or long term damage. I use lavender essential oils and Rescue Remedy Pets to help calm the dogs that panic in the wake of thunderstorms. If you missed those posts they can be read at these links:

Recently a friend mentioned how great a product called Petnc Natural Care Calming Aid Soft Chews helped her dog during thunderstorms and fireworks. She raved about it so much, I thought I’d give it a try. My dogs love treats and being a chew they would think they were getting a treat to eat.

The product ingredient label states:

Looked to me like it had some great natural ingredients so I purchased it. Well I have to say that when it arrived and I first opened the product the smell was unbearable. This product smells SO bad. Then again, I’m not a dog so I figured I’m not the true tester.

In testing the product I must state honestly that I have no idea if it even works. There are currently 9 dogs here at Paws Give Me Purpose, at times there are many more, but not one of the 9 dogs that lives here would touch these Chews! They wouldn’t even attempt to put it in their mouth, so I am assuming it smells as bad to them as it does to me.

So now I have this opened container of these chews, and it smells. I figured let me reseal the container, put the container in a ziplock bag and keep the chews fresh to give my friend who’s dogs actually eat and benefit from this product. Guess what? It still smells through the ziplock bag!

I am honestly not sure which ingredient causes this product to be smelly and taste bad to the dogs, but sadly we need to give this product a 1 out of 5 paw rating. Here at Paws Give Me Purpose we are sticking with the lavender essential oil and Rescue Remedy drops for our pups!

2 Replies to “Petnc Calming Aid”

  1. I cover mine in peanut butter and then she ll eat it. Not same brand but very similar. I find my dogs won’t touch a food or treat if they don’t like smell

    1. The product claims to be liver flavor. Sure doesn’t smell like liver to me or to the pups that’s for sure. Usually, my dogs will find things I try to hide in peanut butter and spit them out that’s why the idea of a chew seemed appealing. Just going to stick with what I know they like 😊

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