Shelter Spotlight: Cola, A Wonderful Best Friend

Today I would like to introduce you all to a very handsome boy named Cola. Sadly, he just marked his 2 year anniversary at the Yonkers Shelter. It’s really too long for such a handsome fellow to be without his own family. Cola was born to be someone’s true-blue best friend, could it be you??

Here’s what makes this boy SO special:

Cola is a 3 year old 65 lb goofball and has the most heart-melting gaze. He’s one gorgeous brindle boy who wants to be the apple of your eye, so for now only pet is recommended.

He did seem ok around other dogs at first, but life in the shelter has changed him, so he may possibly be dog selective. A meet and greet is recommended to assess this situation. He is not fond of cats, and a home with children over 10 would be best.

He is a low-maintenance kind of guy that just wants to be loved and treated kindly. He’s a sweet, cuddly couch companion very affectionate and people loving!

Cola also has an adventurous side, he would love to be your adventure partner, but he’s also happy to chill at home and be your tv watching partner too.

Cola is just extremely sweet dog, and a great companion. He cannot wait to meet his forever family and and start showing his love and affection for them! His ideal home would let him join in on any family adventures. He loves outside time so a fenced in yard is a must, he loves tennis balls, and outdoor play so he would be thrilled to join a family that appreciated that too. Mostly, Cola just wants a home that will love him forever!

For more information on Cola you can visit his petfinder page:

PLEASE SHARE TO HELP COLA!! Stop by and visit his Facebook page like and share that too!

Growing up behind bars is not where he should be! Please help me help Cola find his forever family so he can live the life he truly deserves! Cola is very easy to fall in love with, head to the shelter for a visit, when you meet him, you will see why he would make a wonderful best-friend!

If you or anyone you know is interested in his handsome boy please use any of the above links or contact information below to inquire about him.

Yonkers Animal Shelter

1000 Ridge Hill Blvd

Yonkers NY

(201) 981- 3215