Shelter Spotlight: Get Ready To Fall In Love

Once again, I am sharing this adorable forgotten soul, Baisley. I have shared his story a couple times now, yet he’s still waiting for that special someone/family to come along and take him home. 

Yesterday, Paws Give Me Purpose received wonderful news! Two of the “Forgotten Ones” that I have been sharing went home! Brady was adopted by a wonderful family, and Dinah went home with a terrific foster family. 

Fostering got Dinah out of the shelter and into a home environment where she will most definitely thrive. (fostering saves lives) I guarantee the family won’t be able to resist her and will become her forever family! (at least that is my dream for her)

Thanks to your help, both these precious souls have left the shelter to live the lives they truly deserve. To date we have helped find homes for 3 of the longest shelter residents! This is proof that networking and sharing their stories really helps. With your continued support, we can find every one of the forgotten beautiful souls loving homes.

Now we need to help Baisley. It is extremely difficult for me to understand how such a wonderful boy like him can just be forgotten, it’s simply heartbreaking! Please assist me in finding Baisley his forever family! Visit his Facebook page, like, share, network. (You can share this post as well) Together, we can do this!

Baisley arrived at the shelter in March of 2015, and is one of the most relaxed dogs in the kennel. Most times when you walk into the kennel, you will find Baisley calmly laying on his bed with his front legs crossed. Baisley enjoys leisurely walks and playtime with his toys in the yard; if he sees a leash in your hand, he will expend his energy to stand up, stretch, and wait for you to take him out.

Baisley is known to be a talker, he will talk you to death until you give him what he wants– his toy or attention!

If you are in search of a relaxed dog to spend time on the couch and cuddle with, then Baisley’s your guy! Baisley would prefer to be an only dog so he can be the center of your attention. A home with older children would be preferred.

Go meet Baisley and get ready to fall in love!


51 Lamar Street

West Babylon, New York

(631) 643-9270

Love to hear from you!