Shelter Spotlight: Jay Z, Looking For Love

Today I am resharing my post from August 9th, in hopes of helping Jay Z find his forever family! I ask that you all help me to spread the word by sharing with everyone you know. I know someone out there is missing Jay Zs love from their life and I want to make sure they know he’s still waiting for them!

This handsome hunk is still waiting for a home and a family to call his own! A shelter is not where he should spend his days 😰

Please share his story and help me get him out of that shelter kennel and in to the loving arms of a forever family!

I had really hoped that with all the interest in reading and sharing of my last 3 posts I would be able to share good news by now, but sadly that is not the case. I have been told by Jay Z’s advocate that there is no interest, no one even comes to see him. This is simply heartbreaking! 💔

Here is some more information about Jay Z:

” 🐶 Well hello, handsome! Why Yes, I am a dazzling young stud muffin, and I am also equipped with a charming, bubbly personality to go along with my good looks.

🐶 A Super playful boy who loves to have fun

🐶 Love water? Attention water people, this could be your river or lake companion

🐶 I like the ladies and could possibly live with a calm balanced female dog in the home

🐶 Always ready to get the party started

🐶 So fun to watch me run around the yard being a goof

🐶 Think everything in life is a blast

🐶 I can be a little stressed in my kennel, so I insist you spend time in a yard with me to really get to know me

🐶 I am a happy, fun-loving, playful charmer. What more could you want?

You’re gonna fall for this stud muffin!”

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Jay Z please contact:

Yonkers Animal Shelter
1000 Ridge Hill Blvd
Yonkers NY
(201) 981- 3215

Jay Z has been at the shelter since March 2016. Please like and share his FB page, he is waiting for his forever home!

2 Replies to “Shelter Spotlight: Jay Z, Looking For Love”

  1. I would love to foster him if he could get a transport I would foster him- I would pay all feels for transportation as well- please contact me if this is available.


    1. That would be SO wonderful! Please use the contact information in my post to discuss this directly with the shelter. I really hope it can be worked out! I will also share your e-mail address with them as well. Thank you SO much!!

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