Shelter Spotlight: Just Wants To Be Loved

Meet Trigger, yet another forgotten soul. My heart breaks every second of the day for all these forgotten ones, Trigger included. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that some of them may never know the love of a family or have a home to call their own. We are the voices for these beautiful souls who cannot speak up for themselves. Share, foster, adopt, save a life!

Trigger arrived at the shelter in October of 2015 in obvious neglect. He was emaciated, covered in wounds and in poor condition. What the shelter thought upon first sight was a simple case of neglect and starvation, turned into a more complicated medical condition.

Trigger presented with muscle atrophy at the top of his head and was diagnosed to have an autoimmune condition called Masticatory Muscle Myositis. Secondary to this condition, Trigger had entropion where his eyelids rolled in and the lashes caused irritation to his eyes; he did have surgery to correct this. Trigger does have limitation in opening his jaw, but it is not painful. The saddest part for Trigger is that if he had been diagnosed early, his owner could have taken him for treatment to increase the likelihood of a full recovery.

While Trigger is on medications to help with the loss of jaw function, the atrophy of his head will not be reversed. Trigger was a real sweetie from the moment he entered the shelter. Even on his own turf he had no hesitations to meet the staff who were strangers to him. I have been told that the image of his wagging tail on his wounded battered body will not leave their minds, yet all he wanted was to make friends.

From that moment until the present, Triggers temperament has remained the same, a happy, joyful guy. Trigger is happy and calm, the smallest things we take for granted in our own dog’s lives, are what Trigger lives for now each and every day. Trigger has a room set up outside of the main kennels, where he has the King suite of accommodations!

Trigger enjoys coming in each morning to find a new soft comfy bed he will have that day. He demands his breakfast, then he rests comfortably, with a rawhide or Kong slathered in peanut butter. Throughout the day, Trigger enjoys walks on the trail with staff and volunteers. Trigger also enjoys down time cuddling on the couch with his human friends at the shelter. Trigger tries to convince everyone that he is hungry by carrying his bowl around in his kennel; we have even caught him falling asleep with the edge of his bowl in his mouth.

Trigger had experience at his previous home with other dogs who shared the yard he was in, but they were kept under stressful conditions. An adoption to a home with other dogs or children would need to be carefully considered as Trigger may have food resource guarding issues, given the prior living conditions of how he was kept. A meet and greet is highly recommended.

Help me help Trigger! Share this post like crazy! Head down to the shelter, and meet this beautiful soul, you won’t be disappointed! Let your heart be your guide…. the love you give to Trigger will be returned to you a million times more.


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