A Letter From Your Rescue Dog

Today I am sharing this beautiful letter written by Karen Tietjenon May 3, 2016. 

When I read this letter I couldn’t help but see all the beautiful souls, the shelter dogs faces that I share with you flash before my eyes. You will never really be able to feel how much these dogs stories touch me, how much they break my heart, how much they make me cry. If I could, I would bring them all home with me! At the very least it is my hope that in some small way Paws Give Me Purpose helps to find them loving homes. 

I hope you enjoy reading this truly touching letter as much as I did.

I was laying on the cold gray floor, just staring at the wall,

While barking echoed constantly, throughout the concrete hall.

I wasn’t hungry anymore, I just felt really sad,

I wasn’t sure why I was there–did I do something bad?

One thing made me happy: they would take me out to play,

But after just a little time, they’d put me back away.

I’d seen a lot of dogs go home with a new family,

But mostly, I was passed right by; they never stopped for me.

But on that day, you stopped so you could read my kennel’s tag,

And when I sniffed you through the bars, my tail began to wag.

Forgotten were the nights when I was left out in the cold,

Forgotten were those times when all my people did was scold,

Forgotten was the harshness of my humans’ angry tone,

Forgotten was the heartbreak when they left me here alone.

When you knelt down, I couldn’t help but hope what this could be:

I thought, “Could this great human really love a dog like me?”

And when they finally let me out, I couldn’t keep in place,

‘Cause once those bars had opened up, I licked your smiling face!

Then after we had played awhile, my biggest dreams came true:

You took me by the leash, and said I’m coming home with you!

Forever grateful I will be, and loyal ’til the end,

My life’s complete, now I’m with you; you are my greatest friend.”