A New Doggie Breed: “Picky Eater”

This adorable boy is Lazarus. I rescued Lazarus from a backyard breeder in Pennsylvania when he was just a baby. This woman was breeding and selling Boston Terriers specifically and she had them living outside. It was summer, in the 90s and these poor dogs were outside in cages. I drove 6 hours one way from my home to rescue him when I found out about the situation. I am very glad I saved him!

The fact that I despise backyard breeders is not the point of this post, the point is Lazarus is safe, loved, and spoiled to the point of becoming an extremely picky eater! If he eats the same thing 2 days in a row, I’m lucky. He prefers a cheese sandwich over any kind of dog food but it’s not really the proper nutrition for him even though he thinks it is. He gets bored every couple days and I need to serve him something new to get him to eat his meals. He hates eating alone and insists on being hand fed. I love him to death, but he can be a real pain!

In my recent post entitled Doggie Dental, I mentioned that bone broth is chock-full of minerals that really help strengthen teeth and gums. 

I shared one recipe I found online: 


Bone broth does not only help your dogs maintain healthy choppers, it also has many other benefits: 

  • helps maintain a healthy gut, especially for dogs with digestive issues
  • supports your dog’s immune system and detoxes the liver
  • helps protect your pups joints
  • full of minerals, including calcium, silicon, sulphur, magnesium, and phosphorus

Believe me, I know that life can get busy and even if you do make homemade food and treats for your pup like me, you may be short on time and need something quicker than making your own bone broth too. 

I also mentioned in Doggie Dental about Honest Kitchen Company selling bone broth at your local pet supplies stores.

This is what the company says about their product:

“Great for both dogs and cats, it can be served as a satisfying drink between meals, poured on kibble for a little extra moisture or used to hydrate an Honest Kitchen meal, our bone broth is incredibly versatile. You might find it tempts a picky pet, or perks up one who’s been a bit down in the appetite department, too.”

I decided to purchase the product and put it to the test. I wanted to obviously have all my pups enjoy the benefits of the bone broth, but I really wanted to see if like the company says “it tempts a picky eater”. So the question is was Lazarus tempted? Did he sniff the bowl and walk away because he has already eaten the same home cooked meal 2 days in a row? or did he eat because I added the bone broth? In my house Lazarus is the true tester of foods, and now of the bone broth. 

I followed the directions on the container and used the bone broth as a gravy for all the pup’s dinner tonight. Guess what? Lazarus ate it! Not only did he eat, he gobbled up his food with such excitement and all by himself, I was SO thrilled!! The question is, will he eat it again with the same exuberance tomorrow and after that? Only time will tell (followup to come) All the other dogs enjoyed the new “gravy” as well.

Lazarus gives the Honest Kitchen Bone Broth 5 out of 5 Paws! Stay tuned for updates right here on Paws Give Me Purpose. I will post the future results! 

As always, please consult your Veterinarian and start slow when trying something new, watch your pet to make sure they tolerate the new addition to their diet.