Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil For Your Dog 

These days, there is a new emerging trend to seek natural treatments for our pet’s health. Human usage of essential oils is growing in popularity, so it’s not a surprising that people want to use them on their canine companions as well. There are many different types of eucalyptus oil, and they vary widely in their chemical composition.

Eucalyptus oil is a great essential oil for repelling parasites, especially fleas; fleas can’t stand the smell of eucalyptus oil. Many pet owner also claim success using eucalyptus oil to treat respiratory problems such as kennel cough and even treatment of tracheal collapse, (canine airway disease) by using eucalyptus oil in a diffuser or vaporizer for their dog. 

For tracheal collapse, people have had success treating their pups by putting several drops of eucalyptus oil in the bottom of the shower or tub and running the hot water while sitting in the bathroom with their dog for a minute so he/she can inhale the steam. You can read one such story here:

The benefits of eucalyptus oil are the following:

  • antiviral and anti-inflammatory
  • works as an expectorant
  • aids in relief of chest congestion
  • repels fleas

The right kind of eucalyptus oil can be very beneficial to dogs. As long as you’re using the proper dosage and administration then your pet should not have any adverse reactions.  

The recommended dosage for small dogs is to use 3–5 drops. Be sure to dilute 80–90 percent prior to application (for example, for every 1 drop of oil, use 4–5 drops of a diluting agent, such as V-6™Vegetable Oil Complex). For large dogs, start with 3–5 drops. Unless otherwise indicated on the product label, dilution is unnecessary.

Once you know the proper usage, dosage and how to administer eucalyptus oil to your dog, you will feel much better about being able to provide your fur baby with natural ways to help him/her without worrying about side effects and long term issues from the other more toxic treatments.

As with any essential oil, less is more. If your dog shows any of these side effects seek Veterinary attention immediately! 

  • Seizures
  • drowsiness
  • muscle weakness
  • shallow or rapid breathing
  • difficulty swallowing
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting

Essential oils have many benefits for dogs and work wonders! It’s important to do your research, and not go essential oil crazy! Most importantly listen to your dog, watch out for signs that he/she doesn’t like the oil and monitor their behavior.

Remember to always seek the purest, highest quality oil for your pet, and introduce it to your pet slowly and with proper precautions. Essential oils are NOT safe for your dog to eat! NOT for oral ingestion! Keep out of your dogs reach! 

Please note that I am not a Veterinarian, and you should ALWAYS make sure you consult with yours before using any kind of essential oil on your pup! 

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