Coconut Oil & Bluberry Frozen Treats 

If you read my post back on June 8 entitled Coconut Oil: A Superfood For Your Dog, there should be no doubt that it is amazing. It does so many things for us humans, and is really good for our fur-babies, too!

Aside from being great for your pups skin and coat, coconut oil is also great for their digestion, immune system, weight loss, boosting energy, and so much more! 

These Coconut Oil & Blueberry Frozen Treats are a nutritious and delicious way for your pup to cool off in the summer. I’m sure your fur-baby will love this frozen snack as much as mine do!


  • small silicone mold tray (they come in many shapes, hearts, stars, paw prints, etc; I used heart shaped molds) 
  • 1/2 cup unrefined extra virgin coconut oil 
  • frozen blueberries 


  • place a frozen blueberry or 2 (depending on size of your mold shape) into each mold of the tray
  • heat coconut oil on stove top or in microwave until it liquifies
  • allow the coconut oil to cool a bit and pour into molds 
  • carefully put mold tray into your refrigerator to solidify 
  • when the treats solidify, pop them out of the mold tray
  • store them in a bag in your freezer 

You can give them to your dog just as a frozen treat or in addition to their food. 

Once again I ask that you please consult with your own Veterinarian before adding something new to your pups diet.

Stay tuned for many more yummy recipes right here at Paws Give Me Purpose!