Coconut Oil: Superfood Follow Up

In my post back on June 8th entitled “Coconut Oil: A Superfood For Your Dog”, I discussed the MANY benefits coconut oil has for your dog’s health when added to their diet. I also briefly mention it’s wonderful benefits for your pups skin.

Here’s a brief recap:

  • clears up eczema
  • aids flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchy skin
  • minimizes doggy odor
  • reduces allergic reactions
  • creates sleek and glossy coats
  • prevents/treats yeast and fungal infections
  • promotes wound healing
  • helps with hot spots, dry skin, bites and stings
  • improves digestion
  • increases nutrient absorption
  • helps with colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • reduces/eliminates bad breath
  • aids with weight loss
  • powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agents
  • balances insulin and promotes normal thyroid function
  • helps prevent/control diabetes
  • helps arthritis and ligament problems
  • helps prevent infection and disease
  • aids in increasing energy

…. and so much more! This is why I love using coconut oil for dogs! I use it in many homemade food/treat recipes and on their skin. Many of the recipes are available right here on Paws Give Me Purpose! 

Today, I want to touch on a different kind of use for coconut oil. I was recently asked by someone about killing existing fleas on your dog. While there are many treatments available out there your safest is a natural product. Depending how bad the infestation is coconut oil can be a great alternative to the chemical treatments that may cause side effects. 

How do you use coconut oil for flea and skin treatment? 

In the first place, coconut oil can cost a lot less than the commercial flea treatments, and is also less likely to cause health problems for your pup. You can also have a wonderful coconut smelling dog!!!

I recommend using unrefined extra virgin coconut oil. It contains lauric acid, which kills and prevents fleas. It can be purchased in your local grocery store, pharmacy, or any place they sell food and cooking oils.

Using about a tablespoon at a time 
rub your hands together, this will turn it to a more oily consistency if it is in the white hardened state, or pour some into a small container so that you can just scoop some out with your hand/fingers if it is in the liquid state. (coconut oil changes consistency depending on the room temperature and that’s ok) 

Rub into your pups fur or skin where he/she has fleas, dry flaky skin, raw skin from scratching, hot spots, or a loss of fur. It will be a bit oily of course, but rub it in very well. Fleas will die within 5 minutes!
Take some extra in your hands and run it through the outer layers of your dog’s fur and under their belly as well. 

Put a shirt on your dog for the day or overnight so the oil can absorb. Although coconut oil is safe for your dog to eat, a shirt can prevent the dog from licking it up because it tastes good, and you want it to set and not get eaten off before it does. 

Reapply each day, or a few times a week, until you know how it’s working on your pup, until you notice all fleas are gone and not returning, and/or when you see the skin clearing up and fur growing back.

Using coconut oil on your dog and in your dog’s diet has many potential benefits and is worth trying. As with anything new you add to your pups regimen/diet use in moderation and monitor for any side effects. Using coconut oil in place of chemical treatments is ultimately  a personal choice, but ALWAYS seek advice from your own Veterinarian!