Paws Gives Me Purpose exists on the kindness of strangers, the dedicated supporters who follow our efforts, the loyalty of friends, Veterinarians, hospitals, rescues, shelters, and private individuals who view us as a staple in the rescue community. Know that you are helping to make a difference in dogs lives and that you are the driving force behind me.

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The need to help shelter and rescue dogs has grown, and we will continue to put all our efforts into helping those who cannot speak for themselves! This year alone, since our public debut in June of 2017 we have reached over 19,274 individual people and over 78 countries, through rescue, awareness, education and advocacy. We owe our incredible success to your generous support and trust in our mission.

Although we have been part of the Rescue community for 20+ years we did not go public with our work until now. We are currently not a 501c3, but that is our goal and we need funds or a sponsor in order to accomplish this. We provide for these pups dependent upon the private donations of generous friends, family, businesses, individuals and out of our own pockets. We are limited on both space and funding, as well as physical ability. We are able to take in and provide for only a limited number of dogs at any given time.

We realize there are many great organizations to give to and we appreciate that you might consider a small donation to Paws Give Me Purpose so we can continue to help save more dogs lives!

Love to hear from you!