Extend Joint Care

All over the internet, especially on Facebook, I have seen sponsored advertisements for a product called “Extend Joint Care”. I had read rave reviews and amazing stories such as, “He is moving up and down our staircase with ease, jogging on walks, but most importantly, he is back to jumping from the floor to the bed with me each night. I’m a believer in this stuff”. This made me think I should give this product a try.

Since I have some senior dogs that are already taking Cosequin DS with MSM for their joints, I decided that for Pancake, who has arthritis and a leg dragging issue since I rescued him, I would try the Extend product. For those of you who keep up with our daily posts you read about Pancake, one of the Pugs in my life. For those who may have missed the original post introducing him you can read it here:


Here is what Extend Joint Care says about their product:

“Nutritional joint supplement for dogs. Extend TM Joint Care helps to nourish, heal, and strengthen joints, cartilage, and bones of aging dogs.

Extends ingredients have been shown to heal and nourish joints, as well as improve mobility. It also helps increase a dog’s ability to fight off future signs of aging. Clinically Proven Results, Guaranteed! Watch them become active and playful again!

Buy with confidence with 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee!

Works for all ages, sizes, and breeds.100% Pure-Grade Ingredients (Highest Available)

Glucosamine-Supports hydration, mobility, and comfort by promoting connective tissue strength

MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane, an organic compound that supports proper connective tissue function and joint comfort

Type II Chicken Collagen – Essential building block for maintaining healthy articular cartilage

Ascorbic Acid – Increases the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans like chondroitin sulfates and hyaluronic acid plus it has a natural, meaty taste that your dog will love!

Extend TM is formulated and produced in an FDA registered, GMP certified laboratory.

THE ULTIMATE RELIEF FOR DOGS! Extend proprietary formula is specifically designed to REVERSE the effects of joint damage.

100% SAFE AND ALL NATURAL and Vet Approved! Delicious Beef Flavor that Your Dog Will Love!”

All sounds great doesn’t it? My first issue with just reading this is that there is no breakdown of how much of each ingredient is actually in this product. For example, with the Cosequin it states a breakdown of how many mg of glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm is contained in each tablet. The Extend Joint Care does not. Additionally, no matter what size or weight your dog is the dosage is the same. This seems problematic to me.

Regardless based on the testimonials I read, I figured I’d give it a try. I transitioned Pancake to the Extend Joint Care in place of the Cosequin and since I wanted to be fair in my review I used the product for a total of 60 days.

Problem #2 I ran into with this product is the preparation. It states on box you can sprinkle the dry powder on your dog’s food, or mix with water and make a gravy. Pancake will eat anything, but would not touch the powdered form of this product on his food, so I would make a gravy out of it. Then I had issues with the gravy, the powder would only dissolve well in hot water. Cold water and warm water left powder lumps and residue which he wouldn’t eat. Hot water made me have to wait to serve it until it wasn’t too hot for him to eat but Pancake is not very patient while waiting for his meals! I even tried advanced preparation but found the product would turn to the consistency of jell-o. Needless to say for Pancake a chewable would be better, but that all depends on your dog and what they like.

The 3rd issue I had with Pancake was the whites of his eyes began getting red while he was on this product. I thought possibly the dosage was too much for him so I cut back to using the product every other day, but that didn’t clear up his eyes. At first I wasn’t sure what the redness was, but since he’s been off the product for a couple of days his eyes are looking better. I am going to assume that either the dosage or some ingredients in the Extend Joint Care were not good for him. I’m not going to completely trash this product, it may do wonders and be ok for your dog but this was my personal experience with the product.

Was this product the miracle joint product I have been looking for? Honestly, I saw no difference after 60 days of frustrating preparation. No noticeable difference than he was before while on Cosequin, he still can’t climb stairs, and that’s one of the amazing things I read this product can supposedly do.

In short, is this an amazing product? Should you run out right now and buy it? We at Paws Give Me Purpose say no. We don’t feel it’s any better than any other over the counter Joint Care supplement. Since it required preparation on our part and we have a lot of dogs here it’s just easier to go with the chewables.

Unfortunately we are only granting this product 3 out of 5 paws.

In all fairness this rating is based on our experience and our particular dog. As always, before trying something new, if you do decide to purchase this product, be sure to consult with your own Veterinarian and watch your pup closely for any side effects.

Love to hear from you!