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Nobody wants to hear from the media that there is something wrong with the food they have been feeding their four legged best friend. This issue is very scary to me, and I worry about the food I feed my fur babies even if it’s not involved in the current recall. That is why I spend lots of time cooking and baking for my pups and every rescue/foster dog that comes through my door!

I want my dogs to get the safest, healthiest nutrition possible and I don’t want to be fearful every time I feed them. We are only half way into 2017 and there have been way too many recalls of food and treats.

Just yesterday there was a recall alert on multiple brands of dog chews. United Pet Group is voluntarily recalling multiple brands of rawhide dog chews due to possible contamination with one of it’s chemical compounds. These chews are distributed nationwide, online and in stores.

To learn which products are affected, please visit the following link:

You’ve most likely heard about the recent recall involving pentobarbital being found in dog food, a drug commonly used for euthanasia of dogs and horses. There have been other recalls due to bacterial contaminants such as Salmonella and E. coli which can be extremely dangerous to a dog’s intestinal track and may cause disease.

Other types of recalls have occurred when a food is not formulated correctly and has an excess or deficiency of a nutrient, and long term use of this food can become dangerous to your pets health. There have been occasions when a food is mislabeled as well. While mislabeling may not necessarily sound too concerning, what if your pet has a serious allergy and your feeding them the wrong thing?

All of these issues can be VERY scary, believe me, I know. All I can tell you is that you need to choose your pet food carefully! While responsible pet food companies follow steps to keep the foods they manufacture safe for our pets, it is very difficult for us pet owners to know what the company policies are based on the food label.

When in doubt, contact the company directly and ask them what kind of safety protocols they have in place. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and be suspicious if a company will not give you the answers.

You may want to start making your dogs food and treats instead that way you know exactly what ingredients are going into the recipe and that it’s fresh. Stay tuned for many recipes right here in the near future.

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Dog Food Recall Alerts

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