My Addiction

I dedicate this post to my best friend and cousin Helen who has been there for me and my dogs when we needed a helping hand.

Everyone think of me as a “crazy dog lady”. My own family and friends can’t comprehend why I rescue dogs, why I would even want to, and why 9 live here and I still do bring in more. Honestly, no matter how many times I may tell them the reasons why I do what I do, they still don’t seem to get it. When people tell me I’ve lost my mind, I think — I may have lost my mind, but I’ve found my soul. 

My house may always be noisy, and my bank account empty, but the best thing in the world is coming home to rescue dogs greeting you at the door. There is nothing in the world better than the feeling of knowing that I have changed a dog’s entire world. There is nothing better than the unconditional love you receive in return. 

We live in a world where bad things seem to outshine the good. Every day, thousands of people try to make this world a better place, and my goal is to acquaint you with at least some of them. There are things like courage and self-sacrifice, that is not only inherent in people but also in our four-legged furry friends. I believe that everyone can learn something from these brave and noble rescued animals. 

Many rescues out there have been formed by groups of people who come from financially stable and capable backgrounds; they have large groups of volunteers who foster, help process adoption applications, help with big fundraising events, have large databases of donors etc. These people have answered a calling, a serious need, and I applaud them all. Every single one of these people involved in rescue all have the biggest hearts and wonderful souls that moves them to do what they do. 

I give my time to help them when they need it and will continue to do so. I too am an animal rescuer, foster, adopter, and more. I am a sole proprietor and do all these things myself for these dogs even though my finances are tight. I do it because It’s my purpose, because this is who I am, not just what I do. 

Many rescue dogs come with heavy pasts that are filled with abuse and neglect. I am known in the rescue community for taking some of the most difficult cases to just taking the pup that may have an uncertain future. When I first bring home a rescued dog, one of two things happens: the pup is either terrified and refuses to leave the refuge of a corner, or is off-the-wall excited and turns my home into his/her personal toilet. If there’s something rescue dogs are known for, it is not coming completely potty trained and properly socialized.

Despite the challenges, I know these dog are worth the effort. I put up with the nervous growling, constant accidents, torn-up wee wee pads and occasional dog fights. Slowly, he/she begins to trust me; they learn the commands and overcome their fears. Helping a dog and seeing him/her blossom into a silly, loyal, wonderful companion is one of the most rewarding parts of canine rescue to me. Some dogs will leave my home and get adopted into loving forever homes others may need to stay here long term, but that’s ok with me. I have fought and will continue to fight in order to save the lives of those who would otherwise have been put to sleep for being labeled as “aggressive”. The best feeling in the world is when that dog that spent 2 weeks in a corner afraid of people gets to the point of putting her head in your lap as if to say thank you for saving me, I love you (for a more personal look at this, read my post “Blossom’s Journey”).

Rescuing dogs changed my life and I believe that every single one of my family and friends lives would benefit from adopting a pooch. I may come off as slightly crazy, but I know in my heart that I am doing the right thing. There is always that hope that someday those family and friends who think I’ve lost my mind will join me and help me to get every single dog rescued and adopted. Like I’ve said before, adoption is my addiction! 

My message to all of you is to get out there and rescue an animal that needs saving. If you can’t adopt, foster, if you can’t foster, donate, and if you can’t donate, educate! Join me in saving lives, let’s make this world a better place. I guarantee you your heart will be filled with an abundance of love and happiness that you have never felt in your life!