Natural Flea & Tick Prevention Using Essential Oils

This is my dog Bailey. Yes, Bailey is a Pitbull, she’s 77 pounds of pure muscle, and the sweetest pile of mush you’ll ever meet! Bailey was rescued from a high kill shelter when she was dumped there because she was extremely sick with the deadly Parvovirus.

Thankfully, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up, pulled her from the horrid shelter, and got her the lifesaving medical care she needed. Today, Bailey is a happy healthy 3 year old.

What does Bailey have to do with fleas and ticks you might ask? Well Bailey is a tick magnet! That’s right! Every time she would step out into the yard during the Spring and Summer months I would have to pull off 4-5 ticks from her. Why isn’t Bailey on Frontline, or Advantix? Fact is she was, but she had horrible skin reactions to both when all the other dogs did fine on it.

Truth is chemical based products used in over the counter and Veterinarian prescribed flea and tick collars, sprays, and even the topical drops have been found to cause breathing problems, tremors, vomiting, skin irritations, permanent nerve damage and in some cases, even death. Some animals will experience hair loss and sores around the neck from flea collars or where the topical drops have been applied.

I had to find another flea and tick deterrent for Bailey. I did my research carefully, and spoke to my Veterinarian, and now all my dogs are treated with natural essential oil treatments instead!

Ticks really do not like essential oils. They search out pets and people by scent, so essential oils work not only by masking a dog’s scent, but some essential oils actually repel them. Rose Geranium oil is on the top of the list for repelling ticks, along with lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender. You can read the study here:

There are many essential oil recipes out there for fleas and ticks, for both human and dog use.

This is the recipe I use for my dogs. I do however not use a spray bottle I just rub it between my hands and apply it all over them. It also has a nice smell and makes your dogs coat shiny. Essential oils are also very healthy for their skin and coat, which I will get into another day.

If you prefer you can also use Rose Geranium oil, you can use that oil straight out of the bottle, no mixing required. Just place a drop at your dogs collar area and a drop at the base of their tail, that’s it! Works very well on people too. Just put a dab on your pulse points and behind your ears before you go out into the woods or hiking in areas where ticks are living.

Lavender oil is effective for killing ticks and fleas with a simple trick. Apply 2 – 3 drops of the essential oil on the back of your dog’s neck and a couple drops at the base of its tail. This will help control flea infestations. You can also spray it on the areas where flea infestations are troublesome.

Additionally you can add several drops to your laundry detergent when you wash your dogs bedding and even put a couple drops in your dogs shampoo. Not only does it smell wonderful but it keeps fleas and their eggs at bay. You can also put some drops in a spray bottle with water and spray carpeted areas.

I personally use lavender oil on myself and in my home to keep those pesky mosquitos from biting me. I place 3 drops in an oil diffusers that I have in my home and it keeps the mosquitoes away! I place the lavender oil directly on my pulse points, back of my neck, and on my ankles and it keeps me from getting bitten when I’m outside.

There are lots of options out there that are much safer for you and your dog than the chemical products. Do your research. There are lots of oils to choose from, you may like one scent over another. I do however want to again stress the importance of ALWAYS consulting your Veterinarian who knows your dog best.

DO NOT under and circumstance give your dog these oils orally. These are for topical use only! 

These are the brands I personally use. I purchase them from Amazon and the price is very reasonable compared to those chemical treatments. The 4oz bottles are a great size and include a dropper so you can easily measure out the correct amount.

I know this may seem like an overwhelming amount of information at once. I hope this was helpful to you. Please take some time to look into these things on your own and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Part of the reason I started this site is to help others by sharing what I have learned and try to simplify things for others by putting the information in one place.

Stay tuned to my blog for further information on essential oils. I will be discussing these highlighted oils individually in the near future, as they all have other wonderful benefits for dogs.

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    1. Essential oils are wonderful! I wish more people were educated on their use. No long term side effects like medication, much more benefits!

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