Shelter Spotlight: Another Forgotten Soul

This handsome hunk I am introducing to you today is Cliff. This boy was brought in as a stray after being picked up by an Animal Control Officer in December of 2014. Cliff’s family has not shown up to bring him home, and he has remained in the shelter for 3 years. All Cliff needs is that one individual out there to give him a chance to live the life he deserves!

Cliff is such an energetic and playful boy! He is asking for nothing more than a warm place to call home and a loving family to call his own. He will give you loyalty and more love than you can imagine in return. Stop by the shelter and meet him, you are sure to fall in love!

Cliff needs be your one and only– no dogs, cats or kids for this spoiled boy! An adult home would be the best fit for this hunk. I know there are homes out there that meet this criteria, but perhaps they haven’t seen or heard about this handsome boy. That’s where you come in, my dear family, friends, readers and followers, help me get Cliff noticed! Share this post, share his story and photos. Help me network him so he can find his forever home in time for the holidays!

Honestly, I am having a really hard time understanding why in the first place people dump their family member on the street or at a shelter, and second, why these wonderful dogs end up forgotten. My heart continues to break as I write to all of you about each pup, constantly.

I believe that people are under the impression that just because a dog is in a No Kill Shelter or in boarding, that it means they are safe. To some people this means there is no urgency in helping the dog. They are barely even shared simply because their lives aren’t at risk, but I’m here to tell you that this is not true! Although these dogs are loved and well taken care of by volunteers, a kennel is not a place for them to live out their lives. Dogs in kennels deteriorate, are stressed, can be depressed, and become withdrawn; these reasons alone put their lives at risk.

We are the voices of these forgotten souls, we are the ones that can make the difference in their lives! Let’s get Cliff and all these pups sitting in shelters WAY too long noticed so they can get out of these kennels and really begin to live the lives they deserve!

Brookhaven Animal Shelter

300 Horseblock Road

Brookhaven, NY 11719

(631) 451-6590