Shelter Spotlight: Beautiful Mama

Beautiful Mama is almost 8 years old and so many of her years have been spent in the shelter; she has not had a home of her own in a very long time. About six years ago she showed up at the Yonkers Animal Shelter, very pregnant and almost ready to give birth. A local vets office took her in, cared for her and her litter and found great homes for everyone, including Mama.

Then, after spending two years with a wonderful senior citizen who sadly passed away, Mama again had no home. She spent time back at the vets office, where they tried to find her a home and then she returned back to the shelter where it was felt she would get more exposure. Sadly, that exposure has not found her a home yet.

Mama has a wonderful friend John Bartlett, founder of the The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, he has been advocating for her, and networking on her behalf. Mama adores John and he has really gotten her hopes up. Lately, she seems to have a new bounce to her step and a wag to her tail.

Today I am asking that each and every one of you step up and help me to help all Mama’s friends and advocates network her! Please share with everyone you know until Mama is out of the shelter! Together we can do this! The more exposure Mama gets the better the chance that the right person/family sees it and goes to adopt her.

Mama is about 60lbs, and would need to be an only pet. While she can not have any fur-siblings, she very easily makes friends, and she is easy to walk without distraction. Mama would be a wonderful companion for an older couple or person that is looking for a low maintenance dog. Mama is a medium energy dog and enjoys running and playing ball, but is also happy to watch TV and cuddle with you.

Please let’s help John and all the volunteers find her a good home. She really doesn’t deserve to live out her days in a kennel…please share!

If you or anyone you know are interested in this beautiful senior girl, or would like more information on how you can help Mama, please text 201-981-3215 or email

Yonkers Animal Shelter
1000 Ridge Hill Blvd
Yonkers, NY
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