Shelter Spotlight: Dinah Is Heartbroken

Beautiful Dinah is yet another forgotten soul sitting in a shelter kennel for much too long. I first introduced you to Dinah in my article entitled “Shelter Spotlight: The Forgotten Ones”. In case you might have missed that post you can find it here:

I know that no 2 people are the same, but when it comes to dogs I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that they can just be let go, given up, tossed in a shelter, unwanted then euthanized for simply being. My pups are family members, I would NEVER do something like this! I have gone through difficult times, I have had dogs with difficult behaviors, those that have aged, etc; I never gave up on them. I did and will continue to do what is necessary to keep them here with their loving family!

I am pleading with you all to to please take a minute and think about what this is like. Dogs, like people, have feelings. When you grow older or maybe your child isn’t listening to you, would this be how you’d handle the situation? Would you let your parent, your child, your aging grandparent out into the street or tie them to a fence for someone to find them because you decided they were no longer of use to you?

Beautiful Dinah was evidently tossed out into the street in this manner, arriving at the shelter February 10, 2014. She was found as a stray and waited for her family to come, but unfortunately they never came.

If you visit the shelter you may find Dinah sitting at the end of her kennel or leaning on the fence with such a forlorn look in her eyes; she wonders why she has been in the shelter so long. But once she notices you she is quickly overcome with excitement in the hopes that soon she will have a home, a family, the love that she so deserves!

Dinah is a sweet girl who loves toys, playing in the snow and being with people. She absolutely lives for belly rubs and is very active so she would do best with an adult family. Whether they are runners, hikers or choose to do agility or scent training with her, she would greatly enjoy this.

Dinah is playful and smart; she is known to be very easy to train. She is good with most male dogs as long as they are not dominant, and would be best in a home with no cats. Dinah is a 5 year old female, spayed Bull Terrier/Shep mix weighing approximately 60 lbs.

I ask that you please help me help Dinah get out of the shelter and into a loving forever home, where she can begin to really live the life she deserves!

I ask that you please head over to her Facebook page, like, share, network this girl! Together we can find Dinah’s forever family, I know they are out there searching for her.

Smithtown Animal Shelter

410 E Main St

Smithtown, New York

(631) 360-7575