Shelter Spotlight: Dirty Secret Exposed!


It has come to my attention that the State of New Jersey has a horrible secret, and I cannot allow it to go unheard. Although NJ is my home State, I am so disgusted and appalled to hear such a disturbing secret that something MUST be done!


I am speechless and heartbroken to hear about such cruelty to animals. I honestly am more and more disappointed in human beings every day! 

The following post was written by the Advocates for Animal Shelter Change in New Jersey, and was posted on their Facebook page yesterday. 

“The Associated Humane Society, Newark has a dirty little secret that they want no one to know about.

Feral cats stand no chance at the Newark Facility. With no TNR program, feral cats are collected, thrown into a dark closet with newspaper over the window, and are kept there for 7 days until it comes time to kill them and throw them into their own special incinerator, where their ashes are then disposed of with weekly trash.
Sounds Familiar? 

And the dogs at Newark my have an even worse fate if that is possible.

Hidden within the building is a secret door that leads to the basement of the facility. There, the dogs are kept to languish is filth, with no sunlight or human contact, until they are walked to their deaths. From there they have the same fate as the cats. 
Incinerated and thrown away like common household trash.  

Roseann Trezza has been with the organization since the 1960/70’s and the reason no one does anything is because the NJSPCA and AHS have the same Attorney Harry Levin. It’s another example of the see no evil, hear no evil ,speak no evil monkeys they have working and volunteering within this “HUMANE” SOCIETY. 

The State Health Department went in several years ago, wrote a detailed description of what the facility was lacking, took disturbing photos, gave them a conditional satisfactory, but yet these egregious violations were never abated and still continue today. 

In 2003 the State Commission of Investigation also did a report on the HUMANE SOCIETY…which can be found here…. 

Newark ISNT A HUMANE SOCIETY, it’s a concentration camp for cats and dogs where the only stimulation and (in)humane touch they receive is right before someone plummets the needle of death into their little shaking body. If you are outraged PLEASE take the time to come to the next NJSPCA Board Meeting and voice your concern. Come and demand that they go I to the Newark Facility. 

The next NJSPCA BOARD MEETING is September 7th at the New Brunswick Library, Livingston Street New Brunswick at 7:30pm. 

Below are just a few of the disturbing photos from the States Inspection Report of AHS NEWARK. Can you tell me how they could pass the Inspection?” 

18 Replies to “Shelter Spotlight: Dirty Secret Exposed!”

  1. This is very disheartening
    I intend for all those who condone this behavior and non humane practices be met with the same karma in the now time and affect all that are precious to them! Done!
    These innocence has no voice. We are their voices! And I am not soft on remedy for their horrible actions against those who cannot help themselves against the monsters of humanity!

    1. We are their voices and we need to be heard!! Please spread the word this cannot continue to go on!

    2. Yes.I worked there. All the Pit bulls were put down the cellar. Is it still the same? The only way they were brought up,is if their was a flood. Dogs were thrown in shopping carts like trash. Looks like nothing has changed.

      1. Sadly it is still the same as you can see from the pictures 🙁 Disgraceful! The State of NJ needs to open their eyes and do something!

      2. Why is there no protesting going on in that city to stop it. Get this on the News. Why are people in that state letting this happen. And where are the rescue to get together and stop this. Get out there and fight for this animals or it will keep happen. Close this place down until it is run right . where the petition to get these people fired from here.

    3. Fucking humans are rotten! Animals rule the world! I wonder if they’re put to sleep first? God, I pray that they are. Why are humans so so cruel to animals? I cry so hard every time I hear a story like this. How can the state overlook this or turn their cheek to look the other way?
      Furious in Connecticut,

  2. This is beyond cruelty these people that run this place ought to be arrested for inhuman treatment of animals and put in prison cells similar to that which they condemed these poor animals too .

  3. Disgusting, Heartbreaking and Disturbing to look at. Something must be done and these scumbags need to be locked up for a long time. This is too close to home and it’s an on going problem that needs to be addressed. We are the voice for these innocent animals, we need to speak up!!

  4. We would like to believe this inhumane treatment of animals does not exist in America or especially, the minds of the caretakers where the animals are surrendered. How can you, or anyone, be lacking so much in your morals that you can subject these innocents to a horrendous fate? What needs to be changed is your political system that allows more persons to handle and love the care needed for the animals. Surrender your lack of attention and give it to a responsible person–responsible to a higher authority and to the public. I care, so do others.

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