Shelter Spotlight: Dreaming Of A Family

Today I am resharing Lexi Mama with all of you. The situation has become URGENT! I have published a couple articles about her and she has also been the dog in the spotlight on “Featured Dog Friday”, yet she’s still waiting for someone to come along and rescue her. We REALLY need a hero to step up for her, she is beginning to deteriorate in the shelter.

I believe that people are under the impression that just because a dog is in a No Kill Shelter or in boarding, that it means they are safe, that there is no urgency in helping them. They are barely even shared simply because their lives aren’t at risk. I am here to tell you that this is not true!

Although these dogs are loved and well taken care of, by volunteers, a kennel is not a place for them to live out their lives. Dogs in kennels deteriorate, are stressed, can be depressed, and become withdrawn. This puts their lives at risk.

Lexi Mama has been in a shelter kennel WAY too long. Her life has improved since arriving at the shelter as here she is taken care of and has friends who walk her–but now she needs a home. Lexi Mama has reached her second anniversary at the shelter, and it is past time for her to be in a forever home.

Lexi Mama is a beautiful, tan and white, 4-5 year old pup. She is dog selective and would require a meet and greet, and she is not a fan of cats. She has quite a long history with the shelter, obviously meaning it’s not a good one. Lexi Mama first came to the shelter in 2014 as a stray. She was reclaimed by her owner, only to reappear at the shelter in 2015. This time, her owner did not come back for her.

As much as Lexi Mama, is loved, the shelter staff was not happy to see her again! Lexi Mama is playful with toys, and displays no issues with people near her food. She can be wary of new people, but quickly warms up and becomes quite loving.

Lexi Mama used to live with a male dog, but she is slightly nervous of meeting new dogs. She may prefer to be a solo dog, or perhaps there is a low key dog out there that wants to be her sibling! This poor girl has been dealt a terrible hand in life, and I hope and pray things begin to look up for her.

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Help me help Lexi Mama find her forever family! Let’s get her home for the holidays! If you or someone you know is interested in fostering or adopting this beautiful girl please use the contact information below or reach out on her Facebook page and send a message.

Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave


(516) 785-5220

Love to hear from you!