Shelter Spotlight: Everybody Loves S’mores

Shelters are full of older dogs hoping for a second chance at life; many of them were once owned and loved by someone, but for whatever reason ended up homeless. People seem to think that if they drop their older dog off at the shelter, or dump it on the street, they will get adopted or found and have a great life with someone else. That just isn’t the case–and it’s heartbreaking.

Meet S’mores…

Poor S’mores, a shelter is no place for this angel to spend his golden years. Can you find room for him in your heart? This sweet senior boy needs a home where he can lay comfortably and enjoy his glory days on a big squishy bed!

S’mores was found as a stray in May of 2017; since arriving at the shelter, no one has come to claim him. He is estimated to be between 6-8 years young, and loves everyone he meets, including other dogs!

This good boy is up to date on shots, neutered and microchipped. S’mores has completed treatment for heartworm is doing well, he will be rechecked in April.

Adopt an older dog and you will see exactly what gratitude really is… They have a special way of showing you how grateful they are for giving them a second chance. Senior dogs like S’mores fit into a new home with ease, and are very loyal. All he would truly want is to be with his human.

Senior dogs will find the softest, warmest spot in your home and be glad to cuddle up with you. They will stay right by your side, no matter how many episodes of a show you watch.

You may be reluctant to adopt a senior dog because you fear that the time with your new best friend will be short, but know that the privilege of loving your senior dog makes every day more special!

S’mores has a tremendous amount of love to give! When you rescue a senior dog like him, you have a friend for life, senior dogs make great friends.You will also be saving a life. Spread the word, owning an senior dog is priceless, so head out and adopt S’mores!

Our goal is to find a home for S’mores where he can spend his days resting with a loving family by his side. If you’re not in a position to adopt or foster, I ask that you please share! Sharing is caring, sharing saves lives.

Head over to S’mores Facebook Page, like, share, share this post too! Help me help S’mores find a loving home and family where he can live out his golden years the way he deserves to.


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