Shelter Spotlight: Help Our Heroes!  

While many of you are aware of the unwanted dogs, owner surrenders, overpopulation, full, shelters, needless euthanization, and many rescues who work 24/7 to save lives… and sadly, I can go on and on with this list. Are you aware that there is another kind of dog in great need?  

There are dogs that many people don’t think about or some may not even know about. They are the dogs that help to protect our Country, fight along side our soldiers, the dogs that get left behind when the job is done. Today, I want you to think about these dogs and what they go through, and what their lives must be like.

17 retired bomb and drug sniffing dogs are waiting in a Kuwait shelter, with no exercise at all. These former heroes are deteriorating slowly in this shelter, and it is so unfair. Let’s help Mission K9 Rescue bring them home where they belong! They deserve to live out their lives to the fulllest, with dignity, respect, and love.  

It is my understanding that it costs about $2,000 per dog to have them Vetted and to bring them home. Friends, readers, followers, from the bottom of my heart I am begging you to help me to help bring these heroes home! PLEASE donate, no amount is too small. PLEASE share! 

To learn more about this wonderful organization, donate, sponsor, or adopt, please visit their website: 


3 Replies to “Shelter Spotlight: Help Our Heroes!  ”

  1. I’m not sure that the cost is that much. The first thing that has to happen is that the soldier who was caring for that animal brings them home with them. The other thing that has to be done is to get the DOD the VA to make it easier for them to come home. If the soldier doesn’t want to bring them back then we need to setup some kind of receiving place where they can come to. I know of many vets that I could train the dog and the vet together and taylor the needs of each other to be the best team. I’m in just tell me what you want me to do

    1. You can go to their website and read about the situation and the costs involved. MANY people believe that the dogs come home with the soldier, but that is NOT the case. All the facts are discussed in detail at the link I have provided. These 17 dogs have been left behind and this wonderful organization is trying to bring them home where they belong! It is not right for us to leave them behind and allow them to deteriorate in a shelter! I am sharing this story to help reunite these dogs with their soldiers and/or get them back here and into a loving home. These heroes do not deserve to get left behind after serving our country and helping others.

  2. If you are in a position to help in any capacity, I ask that you contact the organization directly. They appreciate all the assistance they can get!

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