Shelter Spotlight: I See You With My Heart

Just take a good look at this handsome boy Adam West! Adam is a chunk of a hunk 6 year old Pitbull Terrier, who needs some special love for his special needs. You’d never even know this good looking boy is blind by his actions as he learns his surrounding very quickly and has an amazing ability to adjust. Sadly, he has still been sitting in the shelter since September of 2016.

Adam is a very well mannered boy, who is cordial to everyone he meets. His sense of smell and hearing are heightened due to his being blind, and it helps him to cope with his surroundings. You would be amazed to see how he gets around without bumping into things.

How can it be that not one single person has stepped forward for this boy? I can only imagine what he must be thinking and feeling. Being blind only compounds his loneliness in a shelter kennel for so many hours a day, which breaks my heart twice as much.

When Adam first arrived at the shelter, he came in with a skin condition that looked like he was a dog that spent extended time outside. This poor boy is also currently under treatment for food allergies, and is doing really well with limited ingredient dog food. Adam also enjoys apple and carrot slices as his treats, he’s definitely a great buddy to have for a healthy snack!

Adam loves to play with big soft squishy types of toys, and it’s fun to watch him enjoy playing with them! You would think being blind in a noisy kennel would make things worse for him, but Adam is very calm and seems to take stress in stride.

This handsome boy shows the appreciation of any attention that you give him, and he will continue to grow with that as he acclimates and bonds with his forever family. Could you be his hero? Adam deserves a home to call his own where he can enjoy the upcoming Holidays in a quite loving environment. Adam loves everyone including children, and gets along well with other large dogs.

I ask that you please help me help Adam. We need to get his out of the busy noisy shelter and into a loving home now! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, if you or someone you know are interested head down or contact the shelter immediately! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you’re not in a position to adopt or foster, PLEASE SHARE! Like and share his Facebook page, like and share this post too. It will take a second of your time and will have a huge impact and change Adams life!

Babylon Animal Shelter

51 Lamar St.

West Babylon, NY 11704

(631) 643-9270