Shelter Spotlight: I Want My Chance

Once again, I am sharing this adorable boy Nathan with all of you. It seems no matter how many posts and shares, he is still waiting for someone to rescue him and take him home where he belongs. It’s so hard for me to believe that there is not one single person out there that can open their heart and home to a wonderful dog like him.


Nathan was brought to the shelter when the police found him in the basement of a boarded up house in February of 2016. It seems he was being taken care of there, but it was obvious that his owner had nowhere to go with him.

Nathan is a very sweet 3-4 year old boy and has been a gentleman since he has been at the shelter. Nathan tends to gravitate to people with calmer energy but he can easily get excited and then it can take a little while to get him to come back to that calm state again. He just gets so happy to see people, who could blame him after being in a kennel for so many hours a day?

Nathan would do best in an active home where his energy requirements are met. Long walks, runs, yard playtime, as well as mental stimulation is what this big boy needs. He loves to play ball, enjoys playing in the snow, but most of all he loves to swim!

Nathan is super smart and eager to please, he will do almost anything for a yummy treat or toy to play with. He also LOVES to give hugs and sit on your lap, completely unaware of his own size. Nathan would do best in a home as the only pet, king of the castle, as well as a home with older kids.


Nathan really has so much potential to be someone’s lifelong companion, he just needs to be given a chance. There are so many dogs at the shelter that he seems to blend in with his brindle coat, even though he’s so handsome!

You may all very well be aware of something called “Black Dog Syndrome”, but are you aware that other studies have suggested brindle dogs may be more likely to experience longer delays before adoption than black dogs? Coat color bias seems evident in poor Nathan case. We need to change this point of view, it’s literally causing dogs to wait longer than necessary and it’s a ridiculous reason to pass over a dog for adoption!

Nathan has been waiting for his special someone for 2 years now. He should not be waiting for so long; he’s an amazing dog! I am heartbroken just thinking about him sitting in a shelter when he deserves so much better. He really is so special and deserve a chance to shine! Look deep inside your heart, and give this boy a chance. Don’t hesitate, go meet Nathan, I guarantee you’ll fall in love!

Help me get this big lap dog noticed! Share this post, if you have Facebook, head over to his page, like, and share it too. Help me help Nathan find his forever family so he can begin to live the life he truly deserves!


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