Shelter Spotlight: I’m A Lover, Not A Biter

If you are following our daily posts, you know that Paws Give Me Purpose went out to pay a visit to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter on December 17th. In case you missed that post, you can find it here:

During our time at the shelter we met many of the dogs who have been waiting a very long time for a loving home and family of their own. We also met a couple dogs, not considered long timers, but ones due to their background and circumstances surrounding their surrender can be considered more difficult to adopt.

One of these difficult cases is this handsome boy, King. King is a 3-year-old male Pitbull mix who was surrendered to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter on July 20, 2017. King was surrendered to the shelter due to a bite incident; although not severe it did land him at the shelter without a home.

Most people hear “bite incident” and shy away from even considering a dog like King, but King is one of the happiest, most loyal dogs you will ever meet! The “story” of this bite incident came from Kings previous owner, who claimed his dog bit him so he was surrendering him. There were no marks on the owner, no proof and most importantly, no police report. Just a guy surrendering a dog he obviously no longer wanted to a shelter with a story. And if King did nip his owner, which there is no proof of, what did the owner do to provoke it? Now sadly, King needs to live with this label.

This label will make it MUCH more difficult for King to find a home now. By law whatever the surrendering owner says becomes the dog’s history with proof or not. For this reason he will need to be placed in an adult-only home with a savvy owner.

We met King in person, up close, in the yard. King’s nickname at the shelter is “the meatball” because he’s just that, a lovable, goofy meatball. When he sees a person, whether it be old friend or complete stranger, his butt wiggles with excitement. This boy is eager to love and eager to please.

King is smart, knowing several commands including: sit, touch, leave it and is constantly learning more! He is house trained and good on a leash. King will also need to be the KING of his home, the only pet, but he has so much love to give that you will need to look no further than him.

King has no problem walking past other dogs on paths and walkways, he just doesn’t like sharing his personal space with another dog up close. Here is where I need your help…. we need to help find King that loving home where his label doesn’t matter. Help me help King find a loving home where he belongs! He just needs a chance to prove that he’s a lover not a biter! Did we mention he loves to snuggle?! Brains, adorability and snuggle power…. this boy truly has it all!

If you or anyone you know is interested in more information or in fostering or adopting King, please contact the shelter.

Paws Give Me Purpose will be heading back to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter this Thursday, December 28th. Stay tuned for updates on King and all the other dogs that are in search of loving homes!

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave

Wantagh NY


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  1. I hope someone will give King a chance. I have rescued four dogs, all staffy mixes. The last one, Jenna, was found as a 10 month old stray in Manhattan. It was very evident that she had not had any training. She was a wild little girl. I was told she was ” mouthy”. When she was excited, she would nip. It wasn’t meant to hurt, she wanted to play. Due to her breed, we knew that had to be addressed. With a lot of patience and consistency, she has come a long way. In fact, she has just become a certified therapy dog. This breed is such a loyal and loving breed. A shelter dog just needs someone to give them a chance.

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