Shelter Spotlight: Jay Z Is STILL Waiting 

Believe it or not, Jay Z is still spending his days in a shelter kennel. 18 months behind bars for 23.5 hours a day–like jail. This boy would truly make a very loving addition to a family’s life, just give him the chance! I will continue to share this handsome hunk until his forever person/family see it and go to bust him out of that shelter!! 

Jay Z wants to tell you all about himself:

Hey how are you ? It’s me, Jay Z. Sadly another weekend came and went but no one came to see me 😒 

I have 30,000 post views and 500 shares, but 0 applications. How is this possible??? 

Let me tell you a little about myself: 

💙 I am a 3 year old pibble who’s joy for life will keep you smiling and adventurous spirit will keep you out having a blast 

💙 I been at the shelter since March 2016 🙁 It’s kind of a nice place as far as shelters go but I’m pretty sick of life behind bars 

💙 I am SO handsome, you’ll hardly be able to stand it!! I have a charming, spunky personality 

 💙 I could do well with a gentle and polite female dog in the home (a meet and greet is required)

 💙 I’m quite the smarty pants and I love to show off my skills, I know all my basic commands

💙 I am an adventurous boy who is always ready to have fun

💙 I love smelling the world and checking out new things

💙 I adore meeting new friends

💙 Not much rocks my boat

💙  I am such a fun, happy, adventurous guy, you’ll always be thankful for adding me to your life.

Please come meet me, I guarantee you will fall in love 😍 

Friends, family, followers, readers, share this story! Help me, help Jay Z get out of the shelter and into a loving home where he can really begin to live the life he deserves! 

If you are interested in learning more about this handsome boy, fostering or adopting please visit his Facebook page or use the contact information below.

Contact info:

Yonkers Animal Shelter 

1000 Ridge Hill Blvd

Yonkers, NY