Shelter Spotlight: Jay Z, Seeking Love And A Lifetime of Kisses

“I’m Jay Z and a I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for you. I’m a playful but gentle soul and it’s been said I have an irresistible look. I want to take you shopping to all the best pet stores and then we will lunch at a quaint outdoor cafe. I wish to make you my special person, my number one favorite human . Do you want a special boy to love and adore? Then choose me , I will return your affection with loyalty, love and companionship. look me up at The Yonkers NY Animal Shelter. I’m Jay Z and I’m just waiting to meet you”.

I have shared this handsome hunk many times and will continue to do so until that special someone notices he is waiting for them! He is still looking for his forever family! 

For some of you that may be new to hearing about Jay Z, he has asked me to tell you a little bit about him. 

What he really really wants you to know most is that he’s tired of the bar scene and really really wants to go home.  

Jay Z, a blue nosed low rider ended up in dog jail when his owner was incarcerated. That was March of 2016. 😞

Jay-Z is truly a special boy. He’s got personality to spare, and is always smiling. He’s smart, affectionate, medium energy and beyond handsome. He walks nicely on leash, loves a quick run in the yard, and then is happy to snuggle with his person and shower them with affection. 

He knows lots of commands – sit, down, stay, and high 5 with both paws. When he sees a person he loves, his whole body wiggles with happiness.

Jay Z may do well with a submissive female as a sibling, but a meet and greet would be mandatory. No kitties for this little land shark. Kids over 10 should be fine. 

Again dear family, friends, readers and followers I ask that you SHARE THIS BOY LIKE CRAZY!! If you or anyone you know is interested in this handsome hunk contact information is listed below. Please reach out, you can make a difference in Jay Zs life! 


Yonkers Animal Shelter 

1000 Ridge Hill Blvd

Yonkers NY 

(201) 981-3215