Shelter Spotlight: Looking For My REAL Forever Home

Just take a look at this handsome boy, JayJay! How is it even possible that not one person has stepped forward to give this boy a chance at a forever home? It truly upsets me that there are SO many forgotten dogs that go unnoticed.

JayJay was found as a stray approximately 2 years ago and brought to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Volunteers told me that when he was found he was so skinny that he looked almost like a bobble-head. While in the shelter for several months, JayJay was taken care of and put on some much needed weight. His shelter buddies were able to train him to do several commands. Then the big day came and JayJay was adopted, he had a home for a year and a half.

Sadly one day the owner showed up at the shelter to return him; the reason was unclear and from what I am told, seemed to be a bunch of lies. It’s obvious this poor boy was unloved and not wanted. How could anyone do such a thing to what I consider to be a family member is beyond heartbreaking.

Then last month a great news alert went out all over social media that JayJay had been adopted again. Unfortunately, after only a week in his new home, JayJay who was doing wonderfully,  was once again returned to the shelter. There is no terrible story, this was NOT JayJays fault, it was just a classic case of too much to fast. It may feel wonderful to adopt a shelter dog, but it is imperative that when you do so you follow certain guidelines and protocol. MOST importantly, allow the dog to decompress. For more information on decompression visit:

People, PLEASE I am begging you to listen to the professionals who will share advice and communicate the dogs needs as well as recommend trainers or behaviorists when necessary. Don’t adopt and say you know it all, don’t make false promises, a life is at stake here. Every dog is different. It can take up to 3 months for a dog and their human to establish a bonded relationship of mutual trust and understanding. The only one hurt in this situation is JayJay who now once again sits alone in his kennel 23 hours a day heartbroken with no true comfort, confused and sad. I honestly have no words with which to describe my disappointed in the lack of time and patience that was given in this particular situation.

Now dear family, friends, reader and followers JayJay needs our help. Let’s get his information out there into the dog loving community and let’s find this boy his REAL forever home! JayJay is a 4 year old American Bulldog Mix. He is a smart strong bully breed that really needs a savvy owner with an active lifestyle that will understand the needs of a smart energetic dog. JayJay needs the type of family that will include him on many activities to keep his brain stimulated. He would do best in a home with someone looking for a true companion.

JayJay is very loving and affectionate, great on a leash, knows his basic commands, loves playing outside and is good with people and other dogs. He is a very strong boy and needs attention direction and brain stimulation. Continued training is a must for this boy! Once he trust you he won’t leave your side! He is also a great snuggler. What more could you ask for?

JayJay can get jumpy when he is excited, so again he needs to have an owner that will continue to work on his training, and keep him active while build a bond. He is highly highly treat motivated and you can get him to do pretty much anything for treats which makes training easy. He loves to play fetch and run. So if he gets some energy out and then does training with lots of treats he is basically putty in your hands. JayJay also has a very funny goofy personality and is eager to please engaging with his person and his surroundings. He is just the complete package.

Head down to the shelter and meet this handsome hunk, I guarantee you will fall in love! Make the commitment, no ifs ands or buts, JayJay has it all. If you are not in a position to adopt, I ask that you please share. Help me help JayJay find a loving home to call his own. If you have a Facebook, pop over to his page like and share that too. The more exposure we can give JayJay the better chance he gets noticed and the right person takes him home so he can begin to live the life he has really deserved all along!

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave

Wantagh NY


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