Shelter Spotlight: Looking For Someone To Lean On

No one notices him, no one asks to meet him. Alone and unwanted this beautiful boy waits to be a part of a family…

This 80 pound meatball came to the town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, NY as a stray in March 2016; unfortunately since that day, he has been waiting for his forever home. Banjo is one of the shelters top 10 longest residents. Why is he still waiting? Is it because of his looks, his breed or that he needs to be an only pet? None of those reasons are valid for the lack of interest in this terrific boy. I know that needing to be an only pet can make it more difficult to find a home, but I also know that there are many homes out there that meet this criteria. Just open your heart and step forward!

Banjo is a 3-year-old goofball who is extremely sweet and has the mushiest cheeks and lots of fans at the shelter. Although Banjo is adored and well taken care of at the shelter, there is a sadness in his eyes that is indescribable.

Banjo’s shelter buddy Jennifer describes him as super affectionate and calls him a giant blonde teddy bear. She says he’s not a very treat or food motivated dog. He has no concept of his large size and strength and just prefers to sit and lean on her. She told me that Banjo has the softest squishiest cheeks you will ever feel. To quote her, “they are like velvet I swear!”

His shelter buddies work with him on his obedience, and he is doing great! He knows his basic commands, does well with leash manners, and is also known as a ‘leaner’, which just melts everyone’s hearts!

What is a ‘leaner’ you may ask? This is a term used by shelter volunteers to describe dogs that like to simply sit and lean on their person and get attention. Banjo leans to be pet and have his chin and neck scratched. Banjo does like the yard but does not require tons of activity. He’s not very interested in running or playing a lot of fetch, he’d rather cuddle.

Banjo does have the tendency to get a little over exuberant and excited at times, and will jump and become mouthy. The volunteers are working with him on this issue, and he will require a savvy owner who will continue his training to help him become the best furry family member he can be. Due to his large size no young children in the home for this boy as he may just knock them over; older teens would be best. Banjo also would do best as a solo dog.

This big blonde teddy bear is the complete package and deserves to be in a loving home and not sitting in a shelter kennel. He just wants to be loved, and who could blame him. Please help me help Banjo find his forever family! Share this post, if you have facebook, head over to his facebook page like and share it too.

If you or anyone you know are interested in this handsome boy, don’t hesitate. Head down to the shelter and meet him. Let him ‘lean’ on you and show you just how wonderful your life can be with him in it!

Town of Hempstead Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave

Wantagh NY


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