Shelter Spotlight: Nutmeg Deserves A Chance

Imagine spending almost your entire life in a cage, with nothing to see or do. All alone for 19 hours a day and eventually beginning to feel like there is nothing to hope for. That is sadly Nutmeg’s life.

This young, pocket pittie mix was found as a stray on the streets of Yonkers, NY. She is currently at the Yonkers Animal shelter. Nutmeg was dumped on the streets after having very recently had a litter of puppies; bred for profit and then thrown away. That was back in April of 2016.

Nutmeg arrived at the Yonkers Animal Shelter at about the age of 1, and that was 18 months ago. Life for her has gotten very stressful causing her to behave in negative ways that destroys any hope of adoption. This is kennel stress, and not all dogs can handle this type of life well. Nutmeg will need some training before she can be successfully adopted. Nutmeg needs leash manners, to work on her toy possessiveness and dog reactivity.

While Nutmeg is a beautiful athletic girl, super sweet and loves ear and butt scratches, living behind bars for so long has taken its toll on her. She has deteriorated in these past months and is very anxious and depressed. Training will provide boundaries, self confidence and rules; Nutmeg needs this in order to be someone’s furry family member some day.

The goal is to enroll Nutmeg in a board and train program to help her decompress and facilitate her adoption process as well as help her learn how to be the perfect well-mannered companion for her furever home.

Funds are close to nearly nothing, so we need to get her there. The shelter doesn’t believe Nutmeg ever had a real loving home or any person to belong to. They are committed to make her the best dog she can be, but that comes with lots of expenses, and help is desperately needed to start her journey!

Please encourage people to share, and donate if you are in a position to do so. Nutmeg deserves a chance! To donate:

Dear family, friends, readers, followers and supporters, you have helped save so many dogs, but sadly, there are always more. So please, give what you can, when you can, and just know your money is working hard to give grateful dogs a way out of the cage and into the arms of a loving family!

If you have any questions or are interested in more information about Nutmeg please visit or reach out to the shelter.

Yonkers Animal Shelter

1000 Ridge Hill Blvd

Yonkers, NY


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