Shelter Spotlight: Peaches Is Still Waiting 

I first shared Peaches story with all of you back on September 7th. In case you missed that post it can be found at the following link:

I am in disbelief that beautiful Peaches is still waiting! She is the complete package and has so much love to offer. Today I am sharing a plea directly from her advocate, PLEASE take the time to read it.

Head over to her Facebook page, like and share her story.  I know deep in my heart that someone out there is searching for a girl like Peaches to complete their family. Together we can make Peaches dream come true!

Advocate plea:


It’s been a long time since Peaches has known the comforts of a home and the love of a family!

URGENT: For 1308 days which equals 3 YEARS 6 MONTHS and 28 DAYS, Peaches has lived without someone to belong to.  How long will she wait without the comforts of home? Someone out there must have room in their heart and home for PEACHES!!

Why is she still waiting Maybe everyone thinks “someone else will take her ? ” Maybe because she’s not on death row? She doesn’t have an expiration date. Maybe people believe she’s “safe ” with the luxury of time. Well, sadly we never know when one’s time is up.

It haunts me every night that Peaches could leave here never remembering what it’s like to belong to a family, never having a home of her own. I’ve watched too many dogs lately leave this earth never knowing what it’s like to belong to someone and I refuse to allow that to be her fate! She is a girl too full of life to be cooped up in cage . Take Peaches home and you’ll have your own beautiful ball of sunshine to brighten each day!

I NEED YOUR HELP getting her name and face out there into the dog loving community. Please share her posts, comment on her posts, like her pictures.  I will never ever give up or turn by back on her, but Peaches needs all of you to help me help her. I refuse to believe this is all there is for her, life in boarding. She needs to matter and not be forgotten or invisible. She needs to go home. Let’s get her there Pretty Pretty please! And thank you truly Peaches is lucky to have all of you in her corner.”

Quick Facts:

*awesome dog

*likes many dogs (meet and greet required )

*older kids

*5 -6 yrs old

*crate trained

*spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and microchipped

*transport available

*free handling lesson for a scheduled visit

*medium/high energy loves the water

*professionally trained

*currently located in Rhode Island

For more info please contact:


or text (516) 721-7673