Shelter Spotlight: Peaches Needs Our Help

❤️ Help needed for Peaches. ❤️

A few days ago I shared Peaches’ story with all of you. In case you missed it Sadly beautiful Peaches is still without a home. No one ever expected that Peaches would still be homeless after 3 years.

Peaches expenses are $1,000 a month. This is the cost for boarding and training in a home environment with 1-on-1 attention. It’s not a home and a family, but it’s the very best that can be done for her for now. Help is needed for this beautiful girl as payment is now due in a couple of weeks, we are asking you for help! 

Peaches’ advocate says: “we are not a rescue and not a shelter just volunteers and animal lovers that believed in Peaches and knew she won’t survive stressful shelter life. We’re volunteers from a shelter, where Peaches was pulled. All the money we spend on dogs we pull is for boarding, training, toys, snacks, FB advertising, we can’t afford it alone. We have no financial backing. Every dollar for Peaches that’s not donated comes from our pockets, and quite simply, we cannot afford it.”

Should Peaches end up back to life confined behind bars in the shelter, she will completely break down and become un-adoptable – it’s just a fact. SHE NEEDS TO STAY IN training and a home setting. PLEASE help Peaches! PLEASE DONATE, to help her, no amount is too small!

Thank you for following, for reading, for donating, for sharing! Humans have let Peaches down too many times – don’t let that be all she knows ! Peaches needs to see that there are people out there that DO care! Please help me help Peaches. 

I ask that you continue to share her story like CRAZY! Spread the word, network her, maybe if you are or know someone that is financially capable, sponsor her until she can find that forever home.  

One of the many reasons I began this site is to help dogs like Peaches, Jay Z, Clover, Jessica, Tila, just to name a few I have shared with you, find their forever families! These dogs are ready to live life to the fullest, they just need to be given a chance at life outside a shelter/boarding setting. The love you give to them will be returned to you a million times more, believe me, you’re heart will never be as full as it could be until you adopt an amazing dog like one of them!

If by any chance you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Peaches boarding and training please visit her Facebook page to contact her advocate: