Shelter Spotlight: Peaches Patiently Waits 

Today I would like to introduce you to this beautiful girl, Peaches. Peaches was found as a stray roaming the streets of Yonkers, NY. Her story is painful to share, but is one that needs to be told. I will continue to share it with you until that special someone sees that Peaches is what has been missing from their lives and takes her home. 

When I spoke to Peaches’ advocate she told me that when she first laid eyes on her, March 29, 2014, she immediately reminded her of a painting; expressive face with huge eyes, peering out of the back corner of her kennel soulful and loving . 

Peaches has been homeless ever since that day, over 3 years ago. This beautiful girl is about 5-6 years old and professionally trained. She loves all humans and can live with furry siblings–meet and greet required.

Every dog deserves to be loved, it’s so difficult to understand why no one has stepped up for Peaches. Why she gets consistently passed over, I simply can’t understand. 

Peaches’ advocate has been fighting for, sharing, and loving Peaches for these past 3 1/2 years! She told me that for some reason Peaches just doesn’t get any inquires or feedback. She can’t get people to LIKE her page, SHARE Peaches’ story, or find her a HOME. She believes in Peaches and will NEVER give up but she can’t do it alone. 

So here I am dear family, friends, readers, and followers, asking you to help me help get Peaches noticed! Her advocate is not alone, we are here and we can surely help and make a difference in Peaches’ life.

After Peaches’ first months at the shelter, it became obvious to her advocate that she could not survive there – she was stressed and totally broken. She pulled her and placed her into a boarding/training program, but they gave up on her almost immediately. She was in and out of boarding kennels for 2+ years while she waited for an adoptive family that never came. She told me that she saw something in Peaches, a light in her eyes that grabbed at her that told her she deserved every chance she could get to shine!    

Finally last October, Peaches joined ChaseK9 Services to help facilitate her adoption process, by teaching her how to be the perfect well-mannered companion for her special furever home. From living on the streets, to being thrown into a shelter, she was finally given a chance to survive.

Peaches has blossomed incredibly and has exceeded all expectations. Currently Peaches lives in boarding at her trainer’s. While her trainer loves her, this is not a real home….. It hurts our hearts to consider what Peaches must think, after being homeless for so long. She’s a good girl who deserves to spend her life with a family of her own.

Peaches is smart, attentive and a ton of fun. A perfect dog for agility work, a jogging companion, a swimming teammate, some couch cuddles, and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, camping, some sandy beach walks along the shore, bike trails or a best friend thet will keep a smile on your face! 

Why is she still waiting? Maybe everyone thinks “someone else will take her?” Maybe because she’s not on death row? Maybe people believe she’s “safe ” with the luxury of time. Sadly, this isn’t true, we never know when one’s time is up.

Peaches’ advocate says that she has watched too many dogs leave this earth never knowing what it’s like to belong to someone and she refuses to allow that to be her fate. She is a girl too full of life to be cooped up in cage. Take Peaches home and you’ll have your own beautiful ball of sunshine to brighten each day!  

Here’s where we come in. She NEEDS OUR HELP getting Peaches’ name and face out there into the dog loving community. Please share this post, her Facebook page, and like her pictures. Help me spread the word so her forever family notices her!

Peaches’ advocate says she will never give up or turn her back on her, and neither will I. Until last night I didn’t even know about Peaches myself, but now that I do, Peaches needs all of you to help me, help her!

She needs to go home, let’s get her there! Peaches is lucky to have all of you in her corner and together we can do this! 

Currently Peaches is located in Rhode Island. For more info please contact: 

or text: (516) 721-7673