Shelter Spotlight: Personal Message From Jay Z

How is it that a handsome hunk like Jay Z hasn’t been sprung from the shelter yet? He’s such a well mannered boy, who only wants to be loved by that special someone/family. Believe me, he will return that love a million times more! 

Jay Z has asked me to share this personal message with you:

“So I’ve made Countless posts, videos, photos… been whistled at, heard how handsome and sweet I am yet I have not had a bit of interest.

I’m located in Yonkers NY Shelter I’m approx 3 years old and I’ve been here Since March 2016. Please don’t leave me any longer!

So here are the Top 10 Reasons You Should ADOPT ME RIGHT AWAY:

10. I am awesome at words with friends 

9. I LOOOOVE to play!

8. I have an amazingly beautiful coat.

7. You could drown in my eyes, and my smile lights up a room 

6. My heart is as loyal and true-blue as any dog who ever lived, and more than most humans!

5. I am obedient and smart I’m just not easy on the eyes. 

4. I have a great sense of humor 

3. I’m a be happy don’t worry kinda guy, low maintence 

2. I cry at this, but also it’s totally ok if we watch Game of Thrones

1. The number one reason you should call 201-981-3215 or email: RIGHT AWAY is…. 

I REALLY REALLY want to go home!

I’ll be a good boy. Promise. ❤️😁

Love, Jay Z”

PLEASE continue to share and network this handsome boy! Help me help Jay Z find his forever family!