Shelter Spotlight: Searching For Her Forever Home

Even though a shelter may make every effort possible for a dog feel comfortable in their situation, dogs don’t like being confined, separated from their previous families, and they are exposed to more noise due to the close proximity of other dogs.

These environmental changes are very stressful for most dogs, causing an influence to individual dog’s personalities. Some dogs will hide in the back of the kennel, be less active or stop eating, while others may behave aggressively in response to stress. Some dogs may even begin to perform repetitive behaviors, increase their frequency of barking/vocalization, become destructive, and start to urinate and defecate in their kennel. Stress may also affect a shelter dog’s physical health–causing hair loss, weight loss, increased susceptibility to diseases and a longer recovery time from illness.

Meet Cleo, a 6-year-old Pittie mix who was found as a stray in June of 2017. When she first arrived at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, she was extremely thin and unhealthy. It was evident upon her arrival that this poor girl was a throw away momma; yet another heartbreaking story of a dog who was just seen as “no longer needed”. My heart is shattered and my anger against those individuals who do things like this just grows. I will never be able to comprehend what would make someone do something like this! Cleo also had a lump on her tail that had to be removed, causing this poor girl to lose half of her tail.


This pup is an extremely cute and playful girl who is social with other dogs. However, being in the shelter is beginning to take its toll on her, causing her to kennel fight in this stressful situation. In comparison, Cleo is much more relaxed when she is out of her kennel. While she may pull toward other dogs on walks, it’s not aggressively.

Cleo needs a forever home! She will need a savvy patient owner who give her the time and space she needs to decompress in a home. It is recommended if she lives with another dog that it be a non pushy sibling. A meet and greet is required at the shelter. Cleo is completely house broken, loves playing with toys, walks well on a leash, and has not yet been cat tested. Cleo does best with children 13 and up, and is friendly and affectionate with strangers.

Please help me help Cleo find a loving home and family to call her own. Head over to her Facebook page, like, share, and share this post too! 

Help me network this beautiful girl! All Cleo wants is someone who will give her the love and attention she deserves. Don’t hesitate, let your heart be your guide, head down to the shelter and meet this beautiful girl, I guarantee you’ll fall in love!

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave

Wantagh NY


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