Shelter Spotlight: Searching For Her TRUE Family

Today I would like to introduce you all to beautiful Polly Anna, who came into the shelter as a stray. It was obvious that she spent more time than usual outside and without care. She was adopted back in December 2016, but returned to the shelter due to divorce the following April.

Polly Anna was re-adopted by her family after they begged for her back. Sadly, she was returned AGAIN in October. The reason her owners gave was that she peed in the house and have some separation anxiety. Simply heartbreaking and ridiculous if you ask me.

According to the family, Polly Anna lived with 5 cats and 2 little kids and she was the best dog they ever had. She most likely can also live with another older/calm submissive furry friend.

Polly Anna wants nothing more than to be with her person, she loves people. She is super sweet and her volunteer friends call her a “velcro dog” because she loves to follow them around the yard for some belly rubs. She loves belly rubs!

All this beautiful girl wants is to enjoy the comforts of a loving home and family! She is a gentle soul who has proven to be a wonderful family pet! Polly Anna is praying her TRUE family comes along very soon. She deserves a wonderful, happy life after all she’s been through.

Please help me help Polly Anna find her forever family! Head over to her Facebook page, like, share, let’s get this girl noticed and into a home of her own where she can spend the holidays and live the life she truly deserves!


51 Lamar Street

West Babylon, New York

(631) 643-9270