Shelter Spotlight: Super Theodore

I’ve been rescuing and fostering dogs for more than 20+ years. I have seen a lot of strays come in to shelters, but the animals who really touch me are the ones they call the “owner surrenders.” These are the animals who had once known what a home was, but lost it. Over the years I’ve tried to understand why people abandon their animal companions. I know this is something my own heart would never allow me to do.

Sometimes people surrender animals because they think it’s the only possible solution, there are owners who are separated from their animal companions because they become too sick to care for them; however, many people just simply don’t know the importance of advance planning for their animal family, and so their animal companions end up in the shelter.

Moving is often a reason given when an animal is surrendered, but often the move is just an excuse. One study showed that more than half of the people surrendering animals due to a move also report behavior problems. Behavioral problems are the most common reason why people claim to give up their dogs.

This story I am about to tell you is a sad case of an owner surrender, meet Theodore. This cutie came to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter as a stray in September of 2014 and was quickly adopted by a wonderful family, but was recently brought back to the shelter after being with them for about a year. It wasn’t Theodores fault AT ALL, and his family loved him dearly, but they were a Military family being deployed overseas, and unfortunately couldn’t take him with them. They are extremely heartbroken that they had to surrender their beloved pet, but they had no choice. Theodore’s world has been turned upside-down, the heartbreak he must be feeling is just indescribable.

Theodore has wonderful shelter buddies who were there when he originally arrived at the shelter, and they know him very well. We were able to spend some time with these buddies as well as Theodore at the shelter. He is a VERY sweet big boy! He really has no concept of his own size and he definitely is under the impression that he is a lap dog. Theodore loves people as well as other dogs. He especially loves getting pets, massages and tickles under his chin. The volunteers at the shelter call him a “Rock Star” and I completely agree with them!

Theodore is a 7-year-old Shepherd mix, completely housebroken, walks nicely on a leash and loves to play. The best home for Theodore is with a savvy owner; either an active young couple, retired couple, or even retired Military Veteran who have dog experience and or experience with the Shepherd breed. Theodore is great at entertaining himself, so a nice fenced in yard would be great for him to play in. He also makes a wonderful couch potato!

If you are looking for that missing part of your heart, this is the boy who can complete it! I cannot even begin to describe the depth of feelings this boy touched in me. Go down and meet him, you won’t regret it! Don’t let the fact that Theodore is considered a senior pup hold you back. He has a lot of love to give! Don’t hesitate one moment, let your heart be your guide. If you have another dog, a meet and greet is recommended. Theodore is truly a wonderful dog who just wants to find that loving home and family where he can stay forever!

If you are not in a position to adopt, please share. Head over to Theodore’s Facebook page, like, share, share this post too. Together we can help find that special someone/family that Theodore has been really waiting for.

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