Shelter Spotlight: Tila Asks A Question


Once again, I come to all of you for help. I will continue to share the stories of forgotten dogs who have spent WAY too much time in shelter kennels. Most recently I shared the stories of the longest “jailed” forgotten dogs, Tila is one of them. In case you missed it, you can read that post here:

I have shared Tilas story MANY times, yet she still sits behind bars longing for a forever home. I will not stop sharing these stories until every single one of these beautiful souls go to a home where they can really start to live the life they deserve! 

This gorgeous 5-6 year old girl was found by the police as a stray in March of 2016. Tila came in with a collar on, but no tags, and no owner has ever come to claim her. 

Tila is a volunteer favorite who is guaranteed to steal your heart. Go meet her and get ready to fall in love ❤

Tila needs to be the queen of her castle, no other dogs. It is recommended that she go to a home with older children as well. Tila is such a good dog who is always overlooked at the shelter, and I can’t understand why! 

Tila walks nicely on a leash and has a calm an quiet personality. If you or anyone you know is interested in fostering or adopting this beautiful girl, contact information is listed below. 

PLEASE, HELP ME HELP TILA FIND HER FOREVER FAMILY! Share this post and her Facebook page. Together we can do this! 

Hempstead Animal Shelter

3320 Beltagh Ave


(516) 785-5220