Shelter Spotlight: Tila Needs a Miracle 

While the situation in Texas is still very much on my mind, I just turn my attention back to my purpose–the dogs here. The rescue dogs (some coming from Texas), foster dogs, or any other dogs currently in my care, as well as the ones in my surrounding communities that need my help.

I wish today’s update would be that Tila has gone to her forever home, but that is not the case. On August 29th, I reshared Tila’s story, and I will continue to do so until her forever family sees that she is waiting for them! Please help me help Tila get out of the shelter and into a home so she can live the life she truly deserves!

Repost of article from August 29th:

On August 17th, I posted a Shelter Spotlight about Tila looking for her happily ever after. I’m sharing her story again because believe it or not Tila is still waiting in the shelter, and I will continue to share her story as well as those of all the other wonderful dogs living in shelters or boarding for too long. A kennel is not where Tila should be spending all her days. This pretty girl is always overlooked at the shelter and I just can’t understand why 🙁

Tila watches all of her friends go to loving forever homes, when will it be her turn? She is a stunning girl, a volunteer favorite who I guarantee will steal your heart!

Tila needs to be the queen of her castle, no other dogs. It is also recommended that she go to a home with older kids, no youngsters. Tila is about 6 years old and is such a good dog! She walks nicely on a leash and has a calm quiet personality.

Tila has been at the shelter since last March, and it’s sadly been over a year now. If you are interested in adopting or fostering this beautiful soul go and meet her and get ready to fall in love ❤

If you want more information, or have questions contact information is below.

I ask that you all PLEASE help me network her and share her story with everyone you know in hopes that her forever family sees it and goes to get her! Help me make Tila’s dream come true! 

Hempstead Animal Shelter
3320 Beltagh Ave
Wantagh, NY
(516) 785-5220