Shelter Spotlight: Where Is His Hero?

Zeus is an adorable boy with his signature one ear up, one ear down look! He is sadly, currently the longest resident at the shelter. Zeus has been living at the shelter since 2011! Heartbreaking doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of my feelings about this.

I first introduced you to Zeus as one of the forgotten dogs and it seems he still hasn’t been remembered. I am here to remind you that this boy is still looking for that special someone/family to come take him home.

Zeus is a Pitbull mix around 8-9 years old, he is a goofy guy with a very loving personality. This good boy knows all of his commands, and would thrive in a home as the only pet. I know that needing to be an only pet makes it much more difficult to find a home, but I also have faith that there is a home out there waiting for a boy like Zeus. He is a big clown who loves hanging out with the shelter staff and volunteers. So why is he still waiting for a home of his own?

An issue that this boy is dealing with is he does not “show well” in the kennel. When potential adopters walk by he leaps and barks and gives a completely different impression from the dog he really is. He just wants to be noticed, he’s begging for attention, he’s begging to get out of that kennel, and no one seems to understand!

It is just so heartbreaking to think that Zeus will live out his life at a shelter. This boy really deserves a better life than this! He deserves a home and family to call his own!

Dear friends, family, readers and followers, I need your help. Share Zeus’s story with everyone you know and ask them to share it too! I believe there is someone out there who is searching for a special boy like him! Together we can network this boy so he becomes unforgettable!

If you or someone you know is interested in this handsome senior boy call the shelter 516-944-8220 during working hours (Mon. to Fri. 9AM-4PM; Sat. 10-4PM)

For more information about Zeus, the adoption process at the shelter, and to confirm availability call or visit their website.

The Shelter Connection

75 Marino Avenue

Port Washington, NY 11050

(516) 767-4615

Love to hear from you!