Shelter Spotlight: Your Destiny

Say hello to the beautiful Destiny Rose; I have shared her story with all of you before, but sadly she is still a forgotten soul who keeps getting passed over for adoption. Every day Destiny sits in her kennel with no interest shown, but if it’s up to me this is going to change very soon. I will not let this poor girl live out her life in a shelter kennel.

Destiny has had a rough life, she has never been treated the way she deserves. Destiny was found in 2014 eating garbage out of a dumpster while starving on the street, she was terrified when she came to the shelter and the shelter staff couldn’t even get her to come out of her kennel for the longest time.

Fast forward about a year and her previous ‘owner’ decided to come see her a few times, claiming that she wanted to take Destiny home with her when she relocated to a new apartment. Sadly, Destiny was never taken home. Can you imagine the heartbreak this girl felt? I can only imagine her pain, and hope someone much better comes along and makes her a part of their family.

Paws Give Me Purpose paid a couple of visits to the shelter and met Destiny up close and in person. We spent some time with Destiny and her shelter buddy to get an understanding of what Destiny’s needs are. She was very shy and quiet, yet affectionate and extremely sweet. She loves to lay around, get belly rubs, and go for walks with her shelter buddy. She played with a toy while we sat in the room with her to talk about her past.

Destiny Rose is one of the longest residents at the Hempstead Animal Shelter and is about 5 1/2 years old. This poor girl has been living in a shelter kennel for more than half her life, 23 ½ hours a day. People come and go, yet no one asks to meet her. Destiny Rose will continue to wait until someone finally comes to see her.

Adopting a rescue or shelter dog is a wonderful thing, however, some like Destiny Rose are frightened by humans because of bad experiences with previous owners or homelessness which did not give them any bonding experience with humans. It takes patience and understanding to deal with a scared rescue or shelter dog and to help them acclimate to you and to their new home.

After Destiny gets to know you, her true loving personality shines through. What this means is she is going to need someone with a lot of patience and who understands that she needs time and space from strangers. She will need time to decompress, learn to trust, and feel safe in a new home.

Destiny Rose is dog friendly, housebroken, very treat motivated, and knows lots of commands! It is recommend however that she go to live in a quiet, adult only home, with an experienced owner. She would love to be the baby of your family! Much like a human child who has been neglected or abused, Destiny needs love, patience and understanding to learn to trust you.

Multiple meet and greets will be required, just as we have done, so Destiny Rose can truly get to know any potential adopters and for them to get to know her. Meet and greets with any future dog sibling will be necessary as well.

I know it may sound difficult to adopt a dog like this, but know that when you win over a dog like Destiny Rose, and she learns to trust you and open up to you, it is truly one of the most rewarding feelings to have achieved that level of trust and love with them. I know from personal experience just how difficult this can be. It takes time and it may not be easy, but the joy of helping an animal that has experienced a previously unfortunate life is worth the effort! In the end, you will both benefit from the experience!

If you are interested in meeting Destiny Rose or would like more information please message her Facebook page or contact the shelter. I ask that you all head over to her Facebook page like, share with everyone you know and share this post too! Help me network this beautiful forgotten soul, together we can find her forever family!

Head down to the shelter for a visit and you will see just how really sweet and lovable this girl is! It may take her a little bit to warm up to you, but if you give her that chance I guarantee she will love you will all her heart! Please look inside your hearts. Open yourself up to a depth of feeling that you have never felt before. Let Destiny Rose show you what you are missing from your life! She is your Destiny!

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