Texas: Disturbing Truth 

Hurricane Harvey has left so much devastation in Texas, it is simply heartbreaking! Families are fighting to save themselves, save their animals and instead of getting the help they need I am hearing more and more disturbing stories that are just unfathomable. What is this world coming to???? 

This morning I awoke to chilling news, I still literal have chills running through my body. I am so enraged that my head is ready to explode! 😡 The world needs to know the horrible truth so today I am sharing a very harsh dose of reality with all of you.

I just received word from the Reformers-Avocates For Animal Shelter Change In NJ that the SPCA in the Houston area has thrown all the rescues out of the holding area for dogs. All Pit-bulls have been segregated for Euthanasia!!

Here is live video of someone on the ground in Texas…..SPCA is running out all the animal rescuers and putting the animals to sleep! 


More confirmation they are killing Pit-bulls in Texas: 😡

When the SPCA officials were interviewed, they stuttered and lied, watch that video here: 


We have all seen the images out of Texas of animals being rescued by boats and people running through chest high water holding their beloved family dog/cat. There are some families that were separated from their pets during the storm and they are searching, hoping to be reunited, but because of actions like this, it will never happen. 😓

I ask that you all stand up against this unnecessary cruelty! These dogs have done absolutely nothing wrong, we are their voices! 

Please follow this story, support the Reformers, let your voices be heard! Pray with me for all the people and animals in the State of Texas! 

More information and updates can be found on the Reformers Facebook page: 


4 Replies to “Texas: Disturbing Truth ”

  1. This is deplorable and heartbreaking
    They are supppse to be saving them not killing them.

  2. When those families try to reunite with their pets are they going to be told no we kiled them? Haven’t every living thing that this storm affected gone through enough pain and suffering! This can’t happen!! Someone stop this maddness! I have 2 pit bull mixes and all they want to do us be on top of you snuggling and kissing. They want to meet and play with everyone! It’s all in how they are raised. Please wake up and realize that. If the sweetest breed of dog is trained to be vicious it will be vicious. Please give these souls a chance!!!

  3. I have heard for years that the SPCA have been killing innocent dogs. I wouldn’t give then 1 cent. They need to be closed down NOW! You Damn people will be judged by GOD when you die. GOD made all these animals and you are killing what is his. I hope all of you ASS Holes go where it is very HOT when you die!

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