Texas: You Be The Judge 

Yesterday I posted information about a very disturbing issue, “Texas: Disturbing Truth”.

People are in disbelief over the accusations against the SPCA in Houston and some have even gone as far as to say there’s no proof so it can’t be true. I am also in disbelief. Just because I hear about it, and share the facts, doesn’t mean I believe that this could possibly be happening in my Country. 

Today I am going to be brief and just share what I have been told is going on from reputable people, rescuers, and rescue organizations and let you be the Judge. 

From a source in Texas: 

“Everyone wanted proof about the Houston SPCA killing pit bulls, here it is. Too bad pit bulls had to die before you got your proof. From a reputable rescue that deployed to help these poor dogs, only to see them murdered.

Now that you have the proof, what are those who have defended the Houston SPCA going to do about it?”  


More proof of what Houston SPCA is doing in another email that was received. 

“Sorry, I just saw I already told you that. It’s been a crazy 5 days with hurricane relief. We have taken in 17 dogs in 4 days, delivered 3000lbs of food to orange and I’ve been on the phone constantly with people. I did talk with a volunteer that had just left the ford arena. Omg. She could not confirm the dogs were euthanized….. but she was bawling and said all senior dogs and bully breeds disappeared”. 

The Best Friends Animal Society has posted a message as well and has asked that you sign a petition to hold the Houston SPCA accountable for their actions: 


Like I said above, you be the Judge. No matter what you choose to believe, you are entitle to your own opinion. It is my gut feeling that we need to stand up and do something about this! Haven’t the people and animals of Texas suffered enough? 

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people, animals, and rescuers in Texas! To me you are all heroes! 

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  1. I think a class action lawsuit should be filed against the SPCA by any pet owner, especially those with bully breeds if they are unable to find their pet. This is such a painful thing at a horrific time for people. It’s stabbing a knife in an existing wound. I am so glad my monthly donation goes to Best Friends. In PA the SPCA will only help a handful of counties and denies the rest. I have warned people about donating to them if you are in any of the non helped counties.

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