To Spay Or Not To Spay, That Is The Question Part 2

On August 21, I posted an article entitled “To Spay Or Not To Spay, That Is The Question”. In that post I had mentioned that my Papillon-Chihuahua mix, Cookie, was going to be part of an educational anesthesia and spay program at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital and School.

If you would like to learn more about this program, information can be found here:

I dropped Cookie off on Tuesday and picked her up on Thursday after her spay. While a regular spay surgery is in and out in one day, Cookie took part of a course where future Veterinarians learn everything from A to Z, starting with blood work on the first day. 

On Tuesday I was told that Cookie was very happy, ate well, got lots of attention; and the students carried her around the hospital everywhere they went…Who wouldn’t want to play with my puppy? 

On day 2, Cookie was prepped and had her surgery. The students watched and learned how to perform a spay surgery from a teaching Veterinary Surgeon. When she awoke I was called and told everything went as planned.  

Day 3 of the program is post-op education such as checking incision and learning about the recovery. At 3 pm I picked Cookie up from UPenn, after her 3 day adventure of educating future Veterinarians of America.

Usually when any of my dogs gets spayed or neutered, I sit on pins and needles waiting to hear they did well and that there were no complications. Since I am usually nervous during a one day procedure, for me, this clinic was very difficult and I worried what Cookie must have been thinking. Did her mommy abandon her or give her away? 

I tried hard to keep my mind very busy but stayed in close touch with the staff. 

Today, the hardest part truly began: a cranky Cookie. I had a feeling, based on Cookies personality that she’d be mad at me, and I was correct. She didn’t greet me with the usual joy and tail wags, she just looked at me in disgust. She sat in her car seat and gave me the nasty stare all the way home.  

Since we have arrived home, she has not wanted me to put her down for a single second. She screams to be picked up when I need to do something else, and has been peeing in the house in protest. I love my little Cookie Monster, but this is definitely going to be a long recovery for her, and more importantly, for me!  

So again, To Spay Or Not To Spay? Absolutely! For the many reasons you should spay please visit the original post right here on Paws Give Me Purpose: