We Want You

There are way too many deserving dogs lingering in rescues and shelters all across our country. Although we are considered a dog loving country, many dogs get passed over, go unnoticed and never receive the privilege of belonging to a loving family. I have watched too many dogs leave this earth never really knowing what it’s like to belong to someone and I refuse to continue to allow this fate to fall upon them.

In addition to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for difficult to adopt dogs, Paws Give Me Purpose features shelter and rescue dogs looking for their forever homes. All of the dogs we feature here on Paws Give Me Purpose have been waiting WAY too long for their chance; seniors, special needs, those who are having a difficult time in shelters or boarding, dogs that are at the most risk. Often times, these dogs do not get the exposure they need to find an adopter, and we want to change that!

If you are a Rescue, Shelter, volunteer for either anyplace in the US or know of a dog that has been in either for a long period of time and you would like Paws Give Me Purpose to help network and tell your story and theirs, please reach out to us. Send us some bio information and photos. If there is a foster or shelter buddy that knows the dog well that information is very helpful as well.

We are also currently putting together our 2018 calendar. If you are a shelter in DE, NJ, NY, or PA and are not on our scheduled visit list please let us know if you’d like to be added and we will be in touch to schedule a day to come out.

If you would like us to cover an adoption, holiday or fundraising event in order to help to promote your Rescue/Shelter and pups please do so as well.

Contact us by email: lea@pawsgivemepurpose.com

Or through our Facebook page


Love to hear from you!